Public Comments July 22-23, 2020

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As of September 10, 2020

Meeting Date / Minutes Item Received From
7/22-23/20 Informational Hearing "Modernizing California's Property Tax System – Part III Discussion of the Newly Qualified Split Roll Initiative" (Proposition 15)
  1. Zaya Gilana
  2. Robert B. Ostenberg, Major General, US Army Retired
  3. Christopher Finley, Sr., Parent, and Teacher, Fresno County
  4. Naqiba Gregory, Parent, and Public-School Teacher, West Sacramento, Yolo County
  5. Jonathan Goldman, Communications Director, San Francisco City and County
  6. Alejandra Leon, Renter, South Gate, Los Angeles County
  7. Barbara Kivowitz, Senior, San Francisco City and County
  8. Paula Larsen Moore, Homeowner, and Longtime Public-School Parent, Oakland, Alameda County
  9. Helen Hutchison, Oakland, Alameda County
  10. Celeste Allen, MD, Pediatrician, Parent, and Homeowner, Oakland, Alameda County
  11. Anonymous, Parent, and Resident of Redwood City, San Mateo County
  12. Rachel Hollowgrass, Parent, Homeowner, and 25-Year Resident, Oakland, Alameda County
  13. Theodore (Ted) Lam, Parent, and Civil Engineer, El Cerrito, Contra Costa County
  14. Jeanine Jensen, Retired Human Resources Manager, Mother, Public School Volunteer, and Homeowner, Oakland, Alameda County
  15. Griffen Rizoulis Vicente Castillo, Oakland, Alameda County
  16. Larry Starch
  17. Kitt Saginor, Community College Librarian
  18. Rachita Rawal, Campaign Coordinator, Evolve California, San Francisco City and County
  19. Nikki Linnerman, Homeowner, and Disability Insurance Examiner, Stockton, San Joaquin County
  20. Dr. Clio Korn, Research Scientist, and Resident, Oakland, Alameda County
  21. Michael Schedler
  22. Sue Goldberg, Retired Contra Costa County Social Worker, and Oakland Resident, Oakland, Alameda County
  23. Cynthia Park, Resident, and Parent, City of Alameda, Alameda County
  24. Caryn Harb
  25. Kate Costello, Parent, Homeowner, and Small Business Owner, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
  26. Gary Hamel
  27. Beth Clark, Parent, LAUSD Teacher, and UTLA Member, Los Angeles County
  28. Stacy E., Small Commercial Property Owner, California
  29. Margo Freistadt, Parent, Homeowner, and Small Business Owner, San Francisco City and County
  30. Phylis Hoffman, Second Grade Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District, San Padro, Los Angeles County
  31. Michele Prichard, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Liberty Hill Foundation
  32. Anonymous
  33. Jennifer Bestor
  34. Veronica Carrizales, Parent, Los Angeles County
  35. Jim Coleman, Director, Redevelopment & Government Relations, Namdar Realty and Mason Asset Management
  36. Harold Clavin, Retired, Property Owner
  37. Carol Moon Goldberg, President, League of Women Voters of California
  38. Jeanette Clavin, Retired, Brentwood, Contra Costa County
  39. Jessica Panduro, Resident, and Community Organizer, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
  40. Jim Burfeind, Retired Teacher, Chico, Butte County
  41. Melinda Luisa de Jesús, PhD Rockridge, Parent, Homeowner, and Educator, in Oakland, Alameda County
  42. Kirsten Benjamin, Parent, and Biotech Vice President, Berkeley, Alameda County
  43. Bonnie Robinson, Retired Educator, Member of League of Women Voters Central Orange County, and California Teachers Association Orange
  44. Jeanne Weidner, Retired Faculty - CSUSM and SDSU San Diego, and Homeowner, San Diego County
  45. Luanne Rotticci, Rental Property Owner
  46. Elizabeth Falkner, Parent and Active Community Member in Oakland, Alameda County
  47. Denise Nelson, Grandmother
  48. Robert Dewey Purcell, Senior and Homeowner, Sacramento County
  49. Kathleen McGovern, OUSD Parent
  50. Cheryl Starch
  51. Shana Lutker, Parent, Artist, and Non-Profit Executive Director in the Arts, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
  52. Daniel Barsky, Ph.D. Parent and Resident of Oakland, Alameda County
  53. Amy Shi
  54. Laura Deehan, Parent and Public Health Advocate, Oakland, Alameda County
  55. Gary Chatmajian
  56. Robin Nelson, Property Owner, Ontario, San Bernardino County
  57. Rashid Sidqe, NAACP State Conference Office, and Sacramento Resident, Sacramento County
  58. Jiyun Han
  59. Mary Ann Massenburg, Senior in San Francisco City and County
  60. Mr. Nelson
  61. Mike Mages, Senior, and Organizer and Founder, Ride for a Reason, Oakland, Alameda County
  62. Jennifer Phung, Field Director, Oakland, Alameda County
  63. Star Lightner, Attorney, Parent, Homeowner, and Small Business Owner, Oakland, Alameda County
  64. Pouya Abdi
  65. Deborah Odell, Owner, Group One Communications, Inc., and Homeowner, Los Angeles County
  66. Patrick Wendt
  67. Ellen Martin, Business Owner, Orange County
  68. Samuel Shaaya
  69. Kim Knox, Community Volunteer, and Homeowner, San Diego County
  70. Barbara Allen, Parent, Grandparent, and Retired Public-School Teacher, San Diego County
  71. Andrea Zak-Lee, Student, Oakland, Alameda County
  72. Sheryl FitzGerald, Parent, Oakland, Alameda County
  73. Erin McDevitt
  74. Heather Kuiper, California Native
  75. Anonymous, Citizen and Entrepreneur
  76. H. Zaid, Parent, Homeowner, and Self-Employed Entrepreneur, Oakland, Alameda County
  77. Caryn Lai, Parent, and Homeowner, Oakland, Alameda County
  78. John Cavanaugh, Commercial Retail Property Owner, Solana Beach, San Diego County
  79. Zipporah Collins, Senior, and Homeowner, Alameda County
  80. Paul Rooney, Albany, Alameda County
  81. Elaina Briant, Parent, and Homeowner, Oakland, Alameda County
  82. Y. Todd, Parent, Homeowner, and Educator, Oakland, Alameda County
  83. Michael Thomas
  84. Mary Lou Sumberg, Retired, Senior, and Homeowner, Albany, Alameda County
  85. Andrea Dooley, Parent, Homeowner, and Small Business Owner, California
  86. Kristen Belt, Parent, and Homeowner, Oakland, Alameda County
  87. Patricia McGillis, Parent, Oakland, Alameda County
  88. Krystal McCoy
  89. Rex W. Hime, on behalf of California Business Properties Association, Building Owners and Managers Association of California, NAIOP California, CALED, ICSC, AIR CRE, CREW Sacramento, ACRE, IREM, RILA and Nareit
  90. Eric Schell, Parent, Homeowner, and Entrepreneur, Oakland, Alameda County
  91. Nicole Magnuson, Public School Parent, Public School Graduate, and Retired Education Administrator, Oakland, Alameda County
  92. Erin Ploss-Campoamor, Parent, Homeowner, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
  93. Paul Vetter, Ph.D., Parent, and Organizer of the Oakland Annual “Ride for a Reason” Cycling Event, Oakland, Alameda County
  94. Waldo Gonzalez, Homeowner, Whittier, Los Angeles County
  95. Jennifer Cooper, Parent, Oakland, Alameda County
  96. Mr. Frost
  97. Ashley Rogers, Parent, PTA President, Part-Time Teacher and Childcare Provider, Homeowner, and Former Small Business Owner, Alameda County
  98. Carolyn Brown, Parent
  99. Robyn Haste, Parent, and Homeowner, Oakland, Alameda County
  100. Kathie Stokes, OUSD Parent, Oakland, Alameda County
  101. David Ray, Spring Valley, San Diego County
  102. Bonnie Willdorf, Senior, Retired Librarian, San Francisco City and County
  103. Timmy Lu, Working Parent
  104. Nkauj Iab Yang, Co-Director of HIP, and Renter, Sacramento, Sacramento County
  105. Karen Yeung, Community Organizer, and Renter, City of Alameda, Alameda County
  106. Betsy McNab, Parent, and Editor, Alameda County
  107. Jason Polastri, Parent, Homeowner, and Teacher, Oakland, Alameda County
  108. Jennifer Vetter, Public School Parent, Homeowner, and M.L.I.S. Librarian, Oakland, Alameda County
  109. Anna Darr, Parent, Homeowner, and Attorney, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
  110. Katy Valentin, Homeowner, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
  111. Judy Porat, Parent, Electrologist, Small Business Owner, Oakland, Alameda County
  112. Rebecca McEntee, MD, OUSD Parent, and Physician, Oakland, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
  113. Virginia Fine, Parent, and Homeowner, Oakland, Alameda County
  114. Ayla Frost, Student, Oakland, Alameda County
  115. Susy Hovland, Parent, CSUEB Project Manager, Oakland, Alameda County
  116. Tamar Carson, Parent, Homeowner, and Small Business Owner, Oakland, Alameda County
  117. Vivian, Public School Student, First Generation College Student, Oakland, Alameda County
  118. Vanessa Aramayo, Executive Director, Alliance for a Better Community
  119. Bob Brownstein, Senior, and California Taxpayer
  120. Emily Cagape, Resident, San Jose, Santa Clara County
  121. Louise Chegwidden, Parent, Homeowner, Somatic Educator, and Small Business Provider, Occupied Ohlone Land, Oakland, Alameda County
  122. Leif Christensen
  123. Maddie Cook, Oakland, Alameda County
  124. Eric Def
  125. Alec Destry
  126. Chris Finley, Parent, and Teacher, Fresno, Fresno County
  127. Cate Freyer, Parent, Homeowner, and Essential Health Worker, Oakland, Alameda County
  128. Elizabeth Gessel, Program Director, Museum of the African Diaspora, Oakland, Alameda County
  129. Paola Giron-Carson, Public School Student, and First-Generation College Student, Oakland, Alameda County
  130. Vikas Khanna
  131. Brandee Marckmann, Public School Parent, San Francisco City and County
  132. Ann McDonald, Retired Teacher, and Resident, San Diego County
  133. Kathleen Murray, Retired Attorney, San Francisco City and County
  134. Ms. Okojie
  135. Deborah A. Perkins-Kalama, Registered Nurse, and Homeowner, Albany, Alameda County
  136. Andra Pligavko, Parent, Homeowner, and School Volunteer, Oakland, Alameda County
  137. Nina Rea, Public School Parent, and Occupational Therapist, Oakland, Alameda County
  138. Kathie Rhodes, Public School Parent, and Homeowner, Oakland, Alameda County
  139. Michael Russo, Managing Director, Advancement Project California
  140. Eve Sheehan, Small Business Employee, OUSD Parent, and Oakland Resident, Alameda County
  141. Kaethe Weingarten, Psychologist, Senior, and Grandparent, Berkeley, Alameda County
  142. Norma Williamson, Senior, and Retired Public School Teacher, Cerritos, Los Angeles County
  143. Carissa Rice, Teacher, Orange County
  144. Paul Waldman, President, California Alliance of Taxpayer Advocates (CATA)


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