Issue Papers 2021

The Formal Issue Paper is used to provide the Board Members and/or external stakeholders information on major issues affecting the agency. The Formal Issue Paper is used for discussion and decision-making. It may also be used, with the Executive Director's approval, to provide information to outside entities.

If you would like specific information regarding Issue Papers indexed on the following pages please telephone Board Proceedings Division at 916-274-3540.

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Issue Paper NumberTitle of Issue PaperBoard ActionCommittee
21-001Property Tax Deadlines Impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic7/27/2021 for issue paper 21-001Board Meeting
21-002Property Tax Deadlines Impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic: Amendments to Statutory and Constitutional Provisions Requested at the July 27, 2021, Board Meeting8/25/2021 for issue paper 21-002Board Meeting
21-003Guidance on the Assessment of Community Land Trust Properties11/16/2021 for issue paper 21-003Board Meeting