Board Meeting Transcripts 2022

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Board meeting transcripts are the written record of what was said at a Board meeting. They are prepared by agenda item and only upon request. To request a transcript that is not on the pages below, or if you have questions regarding transcripts, contact:

Jillian Sumner, Transcript Coordinator
Board Proceedings Division
Phone: 1-916-274-3545
Fax: 1-916-324-3984

Documents on this page are available in several formats:

  • Text
  • PDF (from 2020 forward)
  • E-Transcript .ptx (up through 2019)

The free E-Transcript Viewer may be downloaded at:

Please note: These transcripts are not individually reviewed and approved for accuracy.

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Case TitleItem NumberBoard Meeting Date 
Entire Board Meeting for 01/26/22 (All Items)All Items01/26/22Text Version for case Entire Board Meeting on 01/26/22
Entire Board Meeting for 02/23/22 (All Items)All Items02/23/22Text Version for case Entire Board Meeting on 02/23/22
Entire Board Meeting for 03/22/22 (All Items)All Items03/22/22Text Version for case Entire Board Meeting on 03/22/22
Entire Board Meeting for 03/29/22 (All Items)All Items03/29/22