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As of April 18, 2022

The State Board of Equalization adopts, amends and repeals regulations to conform to statutory requirements or to implement, interpret or make specific statutes, court decisions, or case law. The following-listed regulations are currently in the process of adoption, amendment, or repeal.

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2022 Rulemaking Calendar
Regulation by Number with Title, Public Hearing Date, and Current Status
Reg. No. Title Public Hearing Current Status
6001 Proposed amendments to Regulation 6001, General Provisions, to reflect the classification and organizational changes that have taken place at the Board since the Conflict of Interest Code was last amended N/A On 3/29/2022, the Board adopted the proposed amendments to the rule, authorizing staff to initiate the rulemaking process.

* Because of common issues, these regulations will be considered by the Board together in one public meeting.

Rulemaking Process