Proposed Changes to Property Tax Annotations

A Current Legal Digest (CLD) is a 30-day notice of proposed changes to annotations. Proposed changes include new annotations, suggested revisions of existing annotations, and annotations to be deleted. The new annotations and/or suggested revisions of existing annotations contained in the CLDs are drafts and may not reflect the language that will be used in the final annotation.

CLDs are circulated for 30 days, at which time any questions are addressed and/or suggested modifications taken into consideration. After approval of the final version by the Board's Legal Department, the proposed changes will be posted to the Board's website.

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If you would like a copy of backup correspondence for a proposed annotation on a previous CLD, please use the Comments Form and choose the "Copy of Correspondence" option under Subject.


Published CLDs that have been finalized are posted below.


The following Current Legal Digests have been finalized. The final action taken for each proposed change is indicated (posted, deleted, or not posted [withdrawn]).