Taxpayers' Bill of Rights Hearing

As required by section 5906 of The Morgan Property Taxpayers' Bill of Rights, the State Board of Equalization (BOE) holds an annual public hearing for property taxes to listen to your suggestions, comments, and concerns. Additionally, the public hearing is held in accordance with section 32463 of the California Taxpayers' Bill of Rights to allow taxpayers and industry representatives to present their proposals on changes to the Alcoholic Beverage Tax Law which may further improve voluntary compliance and the relationship between taxpayers and government.

The hearing provides an opportunity for taxpayers, county assessors, and other local agency representatives to provide comments on items discussed in the most recent Taxpayers' Rights Advocate's Annual Report; as well as present ideas, concerns, and input on the quality of agency service related to the Board of Equalization's administration of its programs. At the hearing someone can comment on the property tax programs administered by the Board of Equalization or local county agencies statewide; as well as present ideas on legislation for the alcoholic beverage tax as described above. The hearing provides a venue for parties to identify ways to resolve any problems identified in the Taxpayers' Rights Advocate's current Annual Report. The annual report for the upcoming 2020 hearing date is for fiscal year 2018-2019, which was published in February 2020. (Event poster, LTA, and News Release to be issued to publicize the event.)

About the hearing –if you wish to make comments

At the public hearing, you are welcome to provide comments on any items presented in the Taxpayers' Rights Advocate's report or concerning an issue that you may be currently working with the Taxpayers' Rights Advocate Office on. Although you are not required to make advance arrangements to speak at a taxpayers' bill of rights hearing, please contact the Taxpayers' Rights Advocate (TRA) Office beforehand to let them know the nature of your topic so the TRA office can be responsive to your needs. If your proposal is complex or extensive, we encourage you to submit it in advance to the TRA Office, and then summarize it in your oral presentation. (If you wish to speak at the upcoming hearing, please complete form BOE-1373, which will be used to introduce you to the Board. When you contact the TRA Office, a representative will advise you how to submit your completed form.)

2020 Hearing Date

Taxpayers' Bill of Rights hearing date and location for 2020

August 18, 2020

May be conducted via teleconference due to COVID19 situation; refer to the Board Meetings page for information

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View LTA 2020/029 announcing the hearing

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Access to Historical Information

Webcasts for past Taxpayers' Bill of Rights hearings are available through the TRA's historical information page.

Information on past hearing responses and videos can be accessed through the TRA's historical information page.