All Property Tax Legislative Analyses 2021-2022 Session

Bill analyses are prepared on legislation that would impact tax programs administered by the Board of Equalization.

To view bill text, from within the analysis, click the bill number, which links to the full bill text at

ADM = Administration
BT = Business Tax Bills
PT = Property Tax Bills
SPT = Special Taxes and Fees

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Bill NumberProgramTitleAuthorAnalysesNew?
Assembly Bill 1206PTProperty Taxation: Affordable HousingBennettAmended 08/16/22
Amended 01/24/22
Amended 01/03/22
Assembly Bill 1715PTSpace ForceMuratsuchiAmended 08/23/22
Amended 06/15/22
Amended 06/08/22
Assembly Bill 1933PTWelfare Exemption: Low and Moderate Income HousingFriedmanAmended 06/28/22
Amended 05/19/22
Amended 04/20/22
Introduced 02/10/22
Assembly Bill 2363PTWelfare Exemption: MuseumsMia BontaAmended 04/19/22
Amended 03/21/22
Introduced 02/16/22
Assembly Bill 2651PTWelfare Exemption: Community Land TrustPetrie-NorrisAmended 05/19/22
Amended 04/25/22
Introduced 02/18/22
Assembly Bill 2898PTExemptions: Disabled VeteransVince FongAmended 04/26/22
Introduced 02/18/22
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 9PTTransfers of Principal ResidencesKileyIntroduced 05/03/21
Senate Bill 257PTWelfare Exemption: MuseumsSkinnerAmended 04/22/21
Introduced 01/26/21
Senate Bill 267PTActive Solar Energy Systems: Partnership Flip TransactionsHertzbergAmended 08/16/21
Introduced 01/28/21
Senate Bill 303PTTransfer of Base Year Value: Disaster ReliefBorgeasAmended 08/30/21
Introduced 02/03/21
Senate Bill 440SPTState Board of Equalization: Returns and PaymentsDoddAmended 08/15/22
Amended 06/16/22
Senate Bill 518SPTAlcoholic Beverage Tax: Winegrower Returns and SchedulesLairdAmended 08/08/22
Amended 06/29/22
Amended 06/13/22
Senate Bill 539PTIntergenerational Transfers of Real Property: Base Year Value TransfersHertzbergAmended 07/13/21
Amended 05/28/21
Introduced 02/19/21
Senate Bill 658PTExemptions: Disabled VeteransGroveAmended 03/05/21
Senate Bill 667PTDisabled Veterans' Exemption: Filing of ClaimsRothAmended 08/30/21
Introduced 02/19/21
Senate Bill 668PTChange in Ownership: Inheritance ExclusionBatesAmended 04/27/21
Senate Bill 862PTExemptions: Personal Property used for Space Flight ActivitiesUmbergAmended 04/27/22
Amended 04/21/22
Introduced 01/20/22
Senate Bill 989PTTaxable Value Transfers: Disclosure and DefermentHertzbergAmended 08/15/22
Amended 06/29/22
Amended 06/13/22
Senate Bill 1073PTExemptions: Disabled VeteransGroveIntroduced 02/15/22
Senate Bill 1340PTActive Solar Energy SystemsHertzbergAmended 08/15/22
Amended 08/02/22
Amended 06/28/22
Amended 06/20/22
Amended 05/09/22
Amended 04/28/22
Amended 03/15/22
Senate Bill 1357PTExemptions: Disabled VeteransArchuletaAmended 06/15/22
Amended 04/18/22
Amended 03/16/22
Senate Bill 1456PTWelfare Exemption: Low-Income HousingSternAmended 03/31/22
Introduced 02/18/22

ADM = Administration
BT = Business Tax Bills
PT = Property Tax Bills
SPT = Special Taxes and Fees

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