Solar Energy Systems New Construction Exclusion

On December 6, 2012, the Guidelines for Active Solar Energy Systems New Construction Exclusion (Guidelines), was distributed in Letter to Assessors 2012/053. In September 2018, Board staff initiated a project to address issues that have emerged since the release of the Guidelines. Issues that will be addressed in this project include reporting requirements, assessment issues, change in ownership, and new construction exclusion.

This project is separated into phases. The first phase will involve the creation of a new property statement or revision of a current property statement to address reporting requirements.

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Phase 1: Reporting Requirements
Date Description of Task
September 10, 2018 Staff to release a letter to advise interested parties of the project and solicit comments/suggestions for creation or revision of a property statement.
October 1, 2018 Deadline for interested parties to provide comments/suggestions for the new/revised property statement.
Staff to distribute a draft new/revised property statement and request proposed changes/additions.
Deadline for interested parties to provide proposed changes, in the form of alternative text to staff.
Staff to post an agenda matrix, summarizing suggestions and comments, for an interested parties meeting.
Staff to meet with interested parties to discuss proposed changes to the draft.
Staff to post issue paper and other related documents for the Board Meeting.
Board to hear presentations on any unresolved issues regarding the language on the form, and adopt recommendations.
Adopted form distributed.