All Property Tax Legislative Analyses 2015-2016 Session

Bill analyses are prepared on legislation that would impact tax programs administered by the Board of Equalization.

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ADM = Administration
PT = Property Tax Bills

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Bill Number Title Author Analyses New?
Assembly Bill 476PT: Homeowner's Exemption: IncreaseChangAmended 03/25/15
Introduced 02/23/15
Assembly Bill 567PT: LEOP COS StatementsGipsonIntroduced 02/24/15 
Assembly Bill 571PT: Base Year Value Transfer: Disabled Child & Penalty AbatementBrownChapter 501
Amended 09/01/15
Amended 05/04/15
Introduced 02/24/15
Assembly Bill 582ADM: Professionals in Public Service Act of 2015CalderonAmended 05/04/15
Amended 04/21/15
Amended 03/26/15
Introduced 02/24/15
Assembly Bill 657PT: Change in Ownership Statement: DescendantsAchadjianAmended 01/04/16
Introduced 02/24/15
Assembly Bill 668PT: Assessment: Affordable HousingGomezChapter 698
Amended 09/01/15
Amended 06/25/15
Amended 05/05/15
Amended 03/26/15
Assembly Bill 681PT: Survey ProgramTingSupport Letter
Chapter 404
Amended 07/15/15
Amended 04/22/15
Amended 04/13/15
Assembly Bill 748PT: Public School ExemptionLackeyAmended 04/06/15 
Assembly Bill 814ADM: Virtual Consolidation: Feasibility StudyDalyAmended 03/26/15 
Assembly Bill 1040PT: Legal Entity Change in OwnershipTingAmended 07/06/15 
Assembly Bill 1157PT: Certificated Aircraft AssessmentNazarianChapter 440
Amended 05/04/15
Introduced 02/25/15
Assembly Bill 1251PT: Greenway EasementGomezChapter 639
Amended 09/04/15
Amended 06/24/15
Assembly Bill 1378PT: Base Year Value Transfer: Over 55: SpouseHoldenEnrolled Vetoed
Introduced 02/27/15
Assembly Bill 1534PT: Assessment Analyst CertificationCommittee on Revenue & TaxationChapter 446
Amended 04/30/15
Amended 03/25/15
Assembly Bill 1556PT: Disabled Veterans ExemptionMathisAmended 05/16/16
Amended 04/28/16
Amended 03/28/16
Amended 02/25/16
Assembly Bill 1828ADM: BOE Members: Contribution Limits: Behested PaymentsDoddAmended 04/28/16
Amended 04/05/16
Introduced 02/10/16
Assembly Bill 2168PT: PUC Audit ReportsWilliamsChapter 805
Amended 06/14/16
Assembly Bill 2314PT: Butte Fire: Disaster ReliefBigelowAmended 04/25/16
Introduced 02/18/16
Assembly Bill 2388PT: Pathway to HomeownershipGipsonIntroduced 02/18/16
Assembly Bill 2450PT: Government Property Acquisitions: Assessor Notification
PT: Change in Ownership Statement: Enforceable Restrictions
AchadjianChapter 300
Amended 08/02/16
Amended 06/15/16
Amended 04/25/16
Amended 04/12/16
Assembly Bill 2570PT: PUC Reports to BOEQuirkIntroduced 02/19/16
Assembly Bill 2622PT: Certificated Aircraft & Representative PeriodNazarianAmended 08/19/16
Amended 08/02/16
Amended 05/19/16
Amended 04/26/16
Amended 04/12/16
Amended 03/18/16
Assembly Bill 2668PT: Base Year Value Transfer: Greater ValueMullinIntroduced 02/19/16
Assembly Bill 2749PT: Reimbursement: Heavy Equipment RentersBrough & PanAmended 05/03/16
Amended 03/28/16
Assembly Bill 2818PT: Community Land TrustsChiuChapter 701
Assembly Bill 2842PT: Welfare ExemptionThurmondAmended 04/12/16
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 6PT: Base Year Value Transfer: Disabled Child: Over 55: Spouse: Pistachio TreesBrownAmended 04/07/16
Amended 02/08/16
Amended 04/20/15
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 12PT: Base Year Value Transfer: 55+MullinIntroduced 04/18/16
Senate Bill 2PT: Veterans' Organization ExemptionAnderson & VidakAmended 04/06/15
Introduced 12/01/14
Senate Bill 259PT: Legal Entity Change in OwnershipBatesAmended 01/14/16
Amended 06/29/15
Senate Bill 357PT: Private Railroad Cars: Mileage BasisHallSupport Letter
Introduced 02/24/15
Senate Bill 378PT: Base Year Value Transfer: Homes of Greater ValueBeallAmended 01/14/16
Amended 08/17/15
Senate Bill 434PT: Manufactured Home ILTAllenAmended 05/20/15 
Senate Bill 480SUT/PT: Heavy Equipment in Lieu TaxPanAmended 04/29/15
Introduced 02/26/15
Senate Bill 587PT: Low Income Seniors: CPIStoneAmended 08/04/16
Amended 06/22/16
Senate Bill 661PT: State Assessment: Commercial Air Carriers: Personal PropertyHillSupport Letter
Amended 04/13/15
Introduced 02/27/15
Senate Bill 678PT: Low Income Housing CapHillAmended 01/04/16
Senate Bill 690PT: Disabled Veterans ExemptionStoneAmended 08/04/16
Amended 06/22/16
Senate Bill 803PT: BOE-SponsoredCommittee on Governance & FinanceSupport Letter
Chapter 454
Amended 07/15/15
Amended 06/29/15
Amended 03/24/15
Senate Bill 816ADM: BOE Members: ContributionsHillAmended 08/08/16
Amended 04/26/16
Introduced 01/04/16
Senate Bill 996PT: Low Income Housing CapHillChapter 836
Amended 08/15/16
Amended 06/23/16
Amended 05/02/16
Introduced 02/10/16
Senate Bill 1104PT: Disabled Veterans & Senior VeteransStoneAmended 05/11/16
Introduced 02/17/16
Senate Bill 1126PT: Low Income Seniors: CPIStoneAmended 05/04/16
Introduced 02/17/16
Senate Bill 1183PT: Disabled Veterans ExemptionBatesAmended 05/10/16
Amended 03/28/16
Senate Bill 1304PT: Disaster Relief: Porter Ranch & Environmental ContaminationHuffEnrolled Vetoed
Amended 08/15/16
Amended 06/23/16
Amended 06/08/16
Amended 04/21/16
Senate Bill 1329PT: Certificated Aircraft & Trial de NovoHertzbergAmended 05/31/16
Amended 04/26/16
Amended 04/14/16
Amended 03/28/16
Senate Bill 1394PT: Private Railroad Cars: MileageHallAmended 03/28/16 
Senate Bill 1458PT: Disabled Veterans' Exemption: Honorable DischargesBatesChapter 871
Amended 06/29/16
Amended 06/23/16
Amended 04/06/16
Introduced 02/19/16
Senate Bill 1480PT: Section 11 AppealsCommittee on Governance & FinanceChapter 116
Amended 06/08/16
Introduced 03/17/16
Senate Constitutional Amendment 5PT: Split RollHancock & MitchellAmended 07/16/15 
Senate Constitutional Amendment 9PT: Base Year Value Transfer: Homes of Greater ValueBeallAmended 01/14/16
Amended 08/18/15