All Property Tax Legislative Analyses 2013-2014 Session

Bill analyses are prepared on legislation that would impact tax programs administered by the Board of Equalization.

To view bill text, from within the analysis, click the bill number, which links to the full bill text at

ADM = Administration
PT = Property Tax Bills

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Bill Number Title Author Analyses New?
Assembly Bill 43PT: Court RemandsBocanegraAmended 04/29/13
Amended 03/19/13
Assembly Bill 122PT: Commercial Building Energy RetrofitRendonAmended 03/19/13 
Assembly Bill 188PT: Legal Entity ChangeAmmianoIntroduced 01/28/13 
Assembly Bill 483PT: Comparable SalesTingIntroduced 02/19/13 
Assembly Bill 551PT: Urban Agriculture Incentive ZonesTingEnrolled
Amended 09/03/13
Assembly Bill 561PT: Documentary Tranfer TaxTingAmended 04/30/13 
Assembly Bill 576ADM: Revenue Recovery & Collaborative Enforcement TeamV.PerezSupport Letter
Amended 09/03/13
Amended 08/12/13
Amended 07/10/13
Amended 05/01/13
Assembly Bill 576ADM: Centralized Intelligence Partnership ActV.PerezIntroduced 02/20/13 
Assembly Bill 769PT: Comparable SalesSkinnerAmended 01/06/14 
Assembly Bill 777PT: Space FlightMuratsuchiSupport Letter
Amended 02/19/14
Amended 08/26/13
Amended 05/21/13
Amended 04/16/13
Assembly Bill 833ADM: One-Stop Taxpayer PortalHarkeyAmended 05/01/13
Amended 03/21/13
Assembly Bill 892PT: Parcel TaxesDalyAmended 04/29/13 
Assembly Bill 975PT: HospitalsWieckowski & BontaAmended 04/25/13
Amended 04/08/13
Assembly Bill 1143PT: Comparable SalesSkinnerEnrolled
Amended 06/09/14
Assembly Bill 1151PT: Tax Agent RegistrationTingAmended 05/07/13
Amended 04/16/13
Assembly Bill 1172PT: Base Year ValueBocanegraAmended 03/21/13 
Assembly Bill 1656ADM: BOE Headquarters Building: Authorization for DGSDickinsonSupport Letter
Amended 08/22/14
Amended 08/05/14
Amended 05/23/14
Amended 03/28/14
Assembly Bill 1760PT: Low Income Housing: PILOTsChau & BocanegraEnrolled
Amended 08/22/14
Amended 06/11/14
Amended 05/28/14
Amended 05/14/14
Amended 04/01/14
Assembly Bill 2097PT: Home Owner's ExemptionMorrellIntroduced 02/20/14 
Assembly Bill 2109PT: Parcel Tax ReportDalyAmended 03/24/14
Introduced 02/20/14
Assembly Bill 2114PT: Heavy Equipment Rental TaxPanAmended 03/10/14
Assembly Bill 2234PT: Survey ProgramTingAmended 04/30/14
Amended 02/21/14
Assembly Bill 2262PT: Private Railroad Cars: MileageFrazierSupport Letter
Amended 04/01/14
Assembly Bill 2372PT: Change In Ownership: Legal EntityAmmianoAmended 07/02/14
Amended 05/28/14
Amended 04/01/14
Assembly Bill 2415PT: Tax Agent RegistrationTingEnrolled
Amended 08/21/14
Amended 08/05/14
Amended 06/25/14
Amended 06/12/14
Amended 05/23/14
Amended 04/03/14
Assembly Bill 2510ADM: Tax Administration: RefundsWagnerAmended 02/21/14 
Assembly Bill 2756PT: Assessment Analyst Certification
SPT: Diesel Fuel: Refunds: Biodiesel
Committee on Revenue & TaxationEnrolled
Amended 08/05/14
Assembly Bill 2756PT: Assessment Analyst CertificationCommittee on Revenue & TaxationAmended 05/23/14
Amended 04/22/14
Senate Bill 499PT: Affordable Housing RestrictionsWylandAmended 04/15/13 
Senate Bill 582ADM: One-Stop Taxpayer PortalKnight & HarkeyEnrolled
Amended 08/13/13
Amended 06/25/13
Amended 04/18/13
Introduced 02/22/13
Senate Bill 825PT: Omnibus Committee BillCommittee on Governance & FinanceEnrolled
Amended 08/05/13
Amended 03/20/13
Senate Bill 871PT: New ConstructionCommittee on BudgetEnrolled 
Senate Bill 1113PT: Disabled Veterans' Exemption: RefundsKnightSupport Letter
Amended 04/01/14
Senate Bill 1152PT: Veterans' Organization ExemptionAndersonAmended 06/18/14
Amended 05/15/14
Amended 04/30/14
Senate Bill 1203PT: Low Income Housing PILOTSJacksonSupport Letter
Amended 08/21/14
Amended 07/02/14
Amended 05/22/14
Amended 04/21/14
Introduced 02/20/14
Senate Bill 1216PT: Homeowners' ExemptionMorrellAmended 04/08/14 
Senate Bill 1323PT: Exemption AdministrationLieuAmended 04/02/14
Senate Bill 1327ADM: Tax Administration: RefundKnightAmended 02/21/14 
Senate Bill 1464PT: BOE Sponsored Technical BillCommittee on Governance & FinanceSupport Letter
Amended 03/23/14