File a Return – Other Special Taxes & Fees

Special Taxes and Fees Returns:

Depending on your type of business, the BOE offers convenient online filing for eligible accounts. For those tax or fee payers who have accounts that are not eligible for online filing, the BOE mails the return or report required at the end of the reporting period. If you have not received a return within 10 business days after the end reporting period, you may download it here or contact the BOE for a replacement return. Click on any of the programs listed below to download returns or obtain additional information.

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Alcoholic Beverage Tax

California Tire Fee

Cigarette & Tobacco Products Tax

Cigarette Tax Stamp Program

Covered Electronic Waste Recycling Fee

Diesel Fuel Tax

Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge

Energy Resources (Electrical) Surcharge

Hazardous Waste Disposal Fee

Hazardous Waste Environmental Fee

Hazardous Waste Facility Fee

Hazardous Waste Generator Fee

Integrated Waste Management Fee (Solid Waste & Wood Waste)

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Jet Fuel Tax

Marine Invasive Species (Ballast Water) Fee

Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax

Natural Gas Surcharge

Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Fee

Oil Spill Prevention, Response and Administration Fees

Underground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee

Use Fuel Tax