Assessment Appeals Process – Sample Forms

For Use by California County Clerks of the Board Only

The following forms are for use by California County Clerks of the Board only.

Taxpayers must contact their local County Clerk of the Board's office for copies of assessment appeal forms.

List of assessment appeals process forms
Number Title
BOE-305-AG Authorization of Agent/Designation of Attorney
BOE-305-AR Assessment Appeal Results
BOE-305-CN Hearing Date Confirmation Notice
BOE-305-FW Request for Waiver, Assessment Appeal Filing or Hearing Fee
BOE-305-OA Owner's Authorization for Inspection by Agent of Assessor's Records
BOE-305-R Revocation or Substitution of Agent or Attorney
BOE-305-S Stipulation Agreement
BOE-305-SA Affidavit in Support of Subpoena Duces Tecum
BOE-305-SR Assessment Appeal Subpoena Request
BOE-305-W Waiver to Extend Hearing on Application for Changed Assessment
BOE-305-WD Assessment Appeal Withdrawal
BOE-305-X Exchange of Information for Application for Changed Assessment