County Assessors’ Staff Training

The Property Tax Department has developed the following self-study training sessions designed to provide information about the property tax system in California. Completion of the reading assignment and correctly answering at least 80 percent of the review questions will qualify certified appraisers who are employees of the state, any county, or city and county for the training hours. The training sessions cannot be used to attain an advanced appraisal certificate, but they can be used for the annual training requirements for an appraiser or auditor-appraiser holding a temporary, permanent, or advanced certificate. None of the self-study training sessions may be repeated for training credit.

Self-Study Training Session Training Hours
Property Tax Legislation (Current and Prior years) 3
Audits 8
Assessment of Mining Properties 15
Advanced Appraisal 16
Newly Constructed Property 16
Restricted Historical Property 4
Processing Applications for County Appeals 15
Overview of California Property Tax 4
Publication 149, Property Tax Welfare Exemption 4
Change in Ownership 14
Obsolescence for Personal Property and Fixtures 4
Active Solar Energy System New Construction Exclusion 4
Welfare, Church, and Religious Exemptions 15
Personal Property Valuation and Audit 9
Personal Property and Fixtures 8
Appeals Process 12
Basic Agricultural 16
Open-Space Properties 16
Taxable Possessory Interest 16
Manufactured Homes and Parks 12
Appraisal Process 12
Basic Appraisal 12
Assessment of Vessels 10
Assessment of Water Companies and Water Rights 16
Assessment of General Aircraft 6
Assessment of Petroleum Properties 16
Residential Building Costs 5
Property Ownership and Deed Recording 2
Property Tax Authorities 1
Free Public Library or Free Museum Exemption 2
College Exemption 3
Legal Entity Ownership Program 3
Change in Ownership – Partitions 3
Disabled Veterans' Exemption 8
Aircraft Exemptions 3
Publication 48, Exemptions for Religious Organizations 3
Assessment of Properties Financed Using Low-Income Housing Tax Credits 3