Property Taxes Committee Meeting Schedule and List of Topics

Property Tax Committee Work Plans 2010

Meeting Date Topic Material or Minutes Available
January 26 No items currently scheduled  
February No meeting scheduled this month  
March 23 No items currently scheduled  
April 13 Proposed Adoption of Assessors' Handbook Section 215, Assessment Map Standards for Manual Systems

Status Report on Laser High-Speed Production Printers
Issue Paper

Status Report

4/13 Minutes
May 26 Adoption of Guidelines for Substantiating Additional Obsolescence for Personal Property and Fixtures

Request authorization to publish amendments to Property Tax Rule 1020, Timber Value Areas, and to repeal Property Tax Rule 471, Timberland
Issue Paper

Issue Paper

5/26 Minutes
June No items currently scheduled  
July 13 Adoption of form BOE-502-A, Preliminary Change of Ownership Report and form BOE-502-AH, Change in Ownership Statement

Adoption of form BOE-64, Claim for Seismic Safety Construction Exclusion from Assessment
Issue Paper

Issue Paper

7/13 Minutes
August 25 No items currently scheduled  
September 15 Adoption of Assessors' Handbook Section 401, Change in Ownership Issue Paper

9/15 Minutes
October No meeting scheduled this month  
November 17 No items currently scheduled  
December 15 No items currently scheduled.