Property Taxes Committee Meeting Schedule and List of Topics

Property Tax Committee Work Plans 2009

Meeting Date Topic Material or Minutes Available
January 21 No items currently scheduled  
February 3 No item currently scheduled  
March 16 No items currently scheduled  
April 15 Non-Production Computers -Business Practice Assessment Guidelines

Guidelines for Substantiating Additional Obsolescence for State-Assessed Telecommunications Properties
Issue Paper

Issue Paper

4/15 Committee Minutes
May 27 No items currently scheduled  
June 9 No items currently scheduled  
July 21 No item currently scheduled
August 31 No items currently scheduled  
October 6 Discussion of Proposed Amendments to Property Tax Rules 192, 193, and 371 Issue Paper

10/06 Meeting Minutes
November 17 No items currently scheduled  
December 15 Adoption of Offset Lithographic Printing Presses Business Property Assessment Practices Guidelines

Adoption of Document Processors Business Property Assessment Practices Guidelines

Adoption of 2010 Revision of Assessors' Handbook Section 581, Equipment and Fixtures Index, Percent Good, and Valuation Factors
Issue Paper

Issue Paper

Issue Paper

12/15 Meeting Minutes