Property Taxes Committee Meeting Schedule and List of Topics 2004

Property Tax Committee Work Plans 2004

2004 Timeline for Property Tax Committee
Meeting Date Topic Material or Minutes Available
March 23 No Items Scheduled  
April 13 Proposed Special Topic Survey on New Construction and Change in Ownership Issue Paper

4/13 Committee Minutes
May 25 Proposed Amendments to Property Tax Rule 462.500, Change in Ownership of Real Property Acquired to Replace Property Taken by Governmental Action or Eminent Domain Proceedings Issue Paper

5/25 Committee Minutes
June 30 Proposed Amendments to Rules of Practice 5060, 5061, 5062, 5063, and 5064, Property Tax Welfare Exemption Claim Review Procedure Issue Paper

6/30 Committee Mintues
July No PTC Meeting This Month  
August 24

August 24
Proposed Amendments to Property Tax Rule 305.3, Application for Equalization Under Revenue and Taxation Code Section 469

Proposed amendments to Property Tax Rule 1045, Administration of the Annual Racehorse Tax
Issue Paper

Issue Paper
8/24 Committee Minutes
September 8 Proposed Amendments to Rules of Practice 5041, 5073, 5076, and 5072.2, State Assessees and Private Railroad Car Companies Issue Paper

9/8 Committee Minutes
October 19 Update of Assessors' Handbook Section 267, Welfare, Church, and Religious Exemptions Issue Paper
10/19 Committee Minutes
November 4 No Items Scheduled  
December 14 Proposed Amendments to Property Tax Rule 138, Exemption for Aircraft Being Repaired, Overhauled, Modified or Serviced Issue Paper
12/14 Committee Minutes