Property Taxes Committee Meeting Schedule and List of Topics 2003

Property Tax Committee Work Plans 2003

Meeting Date Topic Material or Minutes Available
March 26 Proposed update to the State Assessment Manual and Unitary Valuation Methods Book

Implementation of AB 81 and Amended Property Tax Rule 905, Assessment of Electric Generation Facilities
Issue Paper 03-002

Status Report AB 81

3/26 Committee Minutes
April 9 No Items Scheduled  
April 23 Report Addressing Questions on State Assessment of Public Utilities
Previously Subject to Local Assessment
4/23 Committee Minutes
May 28 Proposed update to the Assessment Appeals Manual Issue Paper 03-005
5/28 Committee Minutes
June 25 Disclosure of Appraisal Data by County Assessors Status Report
6/25 Committee Minutes
July 9 No Items Scheduled  
August 6 No Items Scheduled  
September 24 Guidelines for the Valuation of Properties Financed Using Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. Removed from 2003 Work Plan
October 15 No Items Scheduled

Proposed Guidelines for Appraiser Certification and Training

Proposed Update to Assessors' Handbook Section 521, Assessment of Agricultural and Open-Space Properties

Moved to Consent Agenda

Moved to Consent Agenda
November 18 Proposed Revision to Assessors' Handbook Section 577, Assessment of General Aircraft Issue Paper 03-017
11/18 Committee Minutes
December 4 No Items Scheduled