Property Taxes Committee Meeting Schedule and List of Topics 2001

Meeting Schedule 2001

Meeting Date Topic Material or Minutes Available
1/3/01 No PTC Agenda Item(s)  
2/14/01 Property Taxes Committee Procedures Issue Paper 01-002
2/14 Committee Minutes
3/28/01 Delegation of Assessment Jurisdiction of Leased Wireless Communication Tower Sites Issue Paper 01-005
3/28 Committee Minutes
4/18/01 Assessment Appeals Board Training (SB 1234) Issue Paper 01-009
4/18 Committee Minutes
5/30/01 Proposed Property Tax Rule 305.3, Application for Equalization After a Mandatory Audit

Appraiser Certification - Revocation Issues
Issue Paper 01-016

Issue Paper 01-015
5/30 Committee Minutes
6/20/01 Assessment of Satellites

Rule 905, Assessment of Electric Generation Facilities
Issue Paper 01-019
Memo-Rule 905
6/20 Committee Minutes
7/31/01 Proposed Property Tax Rule on Possessory Interests in Section 11 Properties

Property Tax Rule 122.5 - Wind Machine example

Issue Paper 01-024

Issue Paper 01-023

7/31 Committee Minutes
10/24/01 Property Tax Rules on Local Roll Procedures

Property Tax Rules on Taxable Possessory Interests
Issue Paper 01-030

Issue Paper 01-018
Issue Paper 01-018R
10/24 Committee Minutes
11/28/01 Index Factors in Assessors' Handbook Section 581, Equipment Index and Percent Good Factors

Assessors' Handbook Section 511, Assessment of Manufactured Homes and Parks

Valuation of Section 515 Low-Income Housing Projects

Legislative Action Plan
Issue Paper 01-036

Issue Paper 01-041

Issue Paper 01-029

Status Report
11/28 Committee Minutes
12/19/01 No PTC Agenda Item(s)