Property Statement Reporting Forms

The property statement reporting forms are current for the January 1, 2017 lien date.

Publication Title Date  
BOE-82-SA Authorization for Electronic Transmission of Data – State-Assessed Property Rev. (12/08) Fill-in Form
BOE-516 Wireless Communication Sites Rev. 11 (12/15) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-EG Property Statement: Electric Generation Companies Rev. 14 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-EXT Request for Extension of Time to File Property Statement Rev. 10 (02/11) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-FF Schedule of Franchise Fee Payments Rev. 9 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-GE Property Statement: Gas &/or Electric Companies Rev. 32 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-GT Property Statement:Gas Transmission Companies Rev. 21 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-LE Property Statement: Local Exchange Telephone Companies Rev. 21 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-PC Property Statement: Intercounty Pipelines-Common Carrier Pipelines Rev. 37 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-PG Property Statement: Intercounty Pipelines-Natural Gas Pipelines Rev. 25 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-PN Property Statement: Intercounty Pipelines-Noncommon Carriers Pipelines Rev. 25 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-PW Property Statement: Intercounty Flumes, Canals, Ditches, Aqueducts Rev. 38 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-RB1 Schedule of Cost Detail of Depreciable Property Rev. 13 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-RF Property Statement: Railroad Car Maintenance Facilities Rev. 21 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-RR Property Statement: Railroads Rev. 37 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-TC Property Statement: Telecommunications Rev. 19 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-TR Property Statement: Telecommunications – Short Form Rev. 19 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-517-WT Property Statement: Wireless Telephone and Radio Common Carriers Rev. 22 (12-16) Fill-in Form
BOE-519-PC Annual Report of Private Railroad Car Rev. 42 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-529-A Petition for Unitary Property Reassessment Rev. 8 (05/12) Fill-in Form
BOE-529-B Petition for Nonunitary Property Reassessment Rev. 8 (05/12) Fill-in Form
BOE-529-I Schedule of Intangible Information Rev. 2 (10/99) Fill-in Form
BOE-533-EC Electric Company – TPL Supplement (Section 100.95 Qualified Property) Rev. 9 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-533-PF Dollar-Age Detail Report Fixed Equipment Rev. 11 (12/02) Fill-in Form
BOE-533-PP Dollar-Age Detail Report Continuous Pipeline Rev. 12 (12/12) Fill-in Form
BOE-533-SUM Tangible Property List: Summary Rev. 2 (12/99) Fill-in Form
BOE-534-FO Schedule of Miles of Fiber Optic Right-of-Way, Conduit, and Cable Rev. 10 (12/13) Fill-in Form
BOE-534-PL Schedule of Gas Transmission Pipeline Right-of-way Rev. 4 (12/03) Fill-in Form
BOE-551 Statement of Land Changes Rev. 12 (12/11) Fill-in Form
BOE-551-TRA Statement Of Land Changes Tax Rate Area Number Changes Rev. 5 (11/99) Fill-in Form
BOE-552-LE Summary Control: Local Exchange Rev. 4 (12/04) Fill-in Form
BOE-559-PCI Private Railroad Car Inventory Rev. 6 (12/07) Fill-in Form
BOE-569-RR Tangible Property List – Track Rev. 20 (12/16) Fill-in Form
BOE-575-P Pipeline Mileage Report Rev. 11 (12/02) Fill-in Form
BOE-576-B Board Roll of State: Assessed Property – Abbreviations Rev. 5 (12/01)  
BOE-600-A Schedule of Leased Equipment to be Assessed by the State Board of Equalization to the State Assessee (Lessee) Rev. 14 (12/05) Fill-in Form
BOE-600-B Schedule of Leased Equipment Which is to be Reported by Lessor to the Local Assessor for Assessment Rev. 15 (12/05) Fill-in Form
BOE-600-R Schedule of Leased Equipment Railroad (Lessee) Rev. 8 (12/05) Fill-in Form
BOE-892 Statement of Authorization Rev. 23 (12/16) Fill-in Form