Property Statement Reporting Forms and Instructions

The property statement reporting forms and instructions are current for the January 1, 2018 lien date. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view or print the property statement forms and instructions. Check the property statement packet that was mailed to your company for any supplemental final requirements. Supplemental filing instructions are not on the internet. For questions regarding property statement reporting, please contact the State-Assessed Properties Division at 1-916-274-3270.

Form and Instruction Title Date
Publication 8 California Private Railroad Car Tax Law 12/17
BOE-82-SA Authorization for Electronic Transmission of Data – State-Assessed Property (12/08) Fill-in Form
BOE-519-EXT Request for Extension of Time to File Annual Report of Private Railroad Cars Rev 3 (2-11) Fill-in Form
BOE-519-PC Annual Report of Private Railroad Cars Rev 43 (12-17) Fill-in Form
BOE-529-A Petition for Unitary Property Reassessment Rev 7 (6-08) Fill-in Form
BOE-559-PCI Private Railroad Car Inventory Rev 6 (12-07)  
Request for Relief of Interest Unreasonable Error or Delay
(Please contact State-Assessed Properties Division)
BOE-892 Statement of Authorization Rev 24 (12-17) Fill-in Form