Non-Production Computer Equipment

Scope of Study

Non-production computers consist of: (1) general purpose computers; (2) general purpose computer peripherals; and (3) local area network (LAN) devices. General purpose computers contain a central processing unit and memory (be it volatile, fixed, on chips, on a disk, or a diskette), and run a stored program (software). General purpose computers can be programmed to do different kinds of tasks, rather than special purpose computers that are limited by design to a specific task. General purpose computers consist of mainframes, servers and microcomputers (desktops and laptops). General purpose computer peripherals consist of the auxiliary equipment which is designed to be placed under the control of a general purpose computer. General purpose computer peripherals include equipment such as monitors, keyboards, mouses, docking stations, printers, scanners, disk drives, tape drives, modems, wireless cards and web cameras. LAN devices are used to connect two or more general purpose computers, to store data and to facilitate data traffic in a network. LANs are usually contained in a single building (but equipment which is part of a LAN is not excluded merely because it is also part of a wide area network). LAN devices include equipment such as routers, computer network switches, hubs, virus protection equipment, and storage devices. Non-production computers do not include telecommunication equipment or lines (wire, fiber or other) used to connect LANs, computers embedded in machinery, and equipment or computers specifically designed for use in any other application directly related to manufacturing.

Date Description of Task
07/16/06 Staff to release letter advising recipients of the project and inviting interested parties to attend an interested parties meeting
08/07/06 Staff to meet with interest parties to discuss the project
09/26/06 Non-Production Computer Equipment Team Meeting
12/19/06 Staff to release letter to interested parties with a proposed definition of non-production computers
03/20/07 Property Tax Committee to hear presentation on definition of non-production computers and adopt recommendation for the Board's consideration. [Item Put Over to April 2007 Property Tax Committee Meeting]
04/24/07 Property Tax Committee to hear presentation on definition of non-production computers, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and biopharmaceutical equipment and fixtures, and adopt recommendation for the Board's consideration.
01/31/08 Staff presents Valuation Studies update to the Board
04/15/09 Property Tax Committee to hear discussion of Non-Production Computer- Business Property Assessment Guidelines and adopt recommendation for the Board's consideration