Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Scope of Study

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment consists of (1) manufacturing equipment used in a clean room for the fabrication of semiconductor chips, (2) test equipment used in the manufacturing and research and development environment and to test semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and (3) fixtures in place to support a semiconductor fabrication facility.1

1This definition is not limited by the size of a semiconductor facility or the technology of the chips produced.

Date Description of Task
07/16/06 Staff to release letter advising recipients of the project and inviting interested parties to attend an interested parties meeting
08/07/06 Staff to meet with interest parties to discuss the project
09/20/06 Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Team Meeting
02/13/07 Staff to release letter to interested parties with a proposed definition of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
04/24/07 Property Tax Committee to hear presentation on definition of non-production computers, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and biopharmaceutical equipment and fixtures, and adopt recommendation for the Board's consideration.
01/31/08 Staff presents Valuation Studies update to the Board.
10/01/08 Property Tax Committee to hear discussion of Semiconductor Industry— Business Property Assessment Practices Guidelines and valuation factors and adopt recommendation for the Board's consideration