Board of Equalization AnnouncesNew Members and District Boundaries

NR# 59-G
Date: December 16, 2002
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Board of Equalization Announces New Members and District Boundaries

Sacramento - Effective January 6, 2003, new terms of office for the elected Board of Equalization (BOE) members begin.

Carole Migden, former State Assemblywoman from San Francisco, will be representingthe First District. Bill Leonard, former Assemblyman from San Bernardino County, will represent the Second District. Claude Parrish, Board Member since 1998, will again represent the Third District. Current Board Chair, John Chiang, returns to represent the Fourth District. Steve Westly, the state's newly-elected Controller, also sits on the Board of Equalization as an ex officio member.

Also on January 6, 2003, the new boundaries become effective for California's four BOE districts. These changes reflect the state's shifting population. A map of the new boundaries is included with this release. Maps and information can also be found by visiting the California State Assembly Committee on Elections, Reapportionment, and Constitutional Amendments website at: