Property Values Show Increase - News Release - 2000

NR# 8-P
Date: March 9, 2001
Customer and Taxpayer Services Division

Translated Tax Information Available On The Internet

To better meet the needs of California's culturally diverse population, the California State Board of Equalization now offers web-based tax information in a number of languages. These documents are available free of charge at the "translated publications" section of their web site ( Claude Parrish, Chairman, State Board of Equalization and member, Franchise Tax Board remarked: "The Board has been translating tax-related information for some time, making this information accessible through the internet is just one more way we can increase our service to the public."

The Board of Equalization recorded 1,447,219 hits on their web site last month and expects these translated publications to generate even more usage. Currently there are links to documents in four languages: Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Translations Currently Available

  • Your California Seller's Permit (Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese)
  • Guide to Board of Equalization Services (Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese)
  • The California Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese)
  • Tax Tips for Grocery Stores (Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese)
  • Filing Instructions for Sales and Use Tax Accounts on a Quarterly and Prepayment Basis (Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese)
  • Audits (Korean, Spanish)
  • Tax Tips for the Dining and Beverage Industry (Korean, Spanish)
  • Tax Tips for Auto Repair Garages (Spanish)
  • Tax Tips for Sales to Purchasers from Mexico (Spanish)
  • Guide to the International Fuel Tax Agreement (Spanish)
  • The International Fuel Tax Agreement (Spanish)
  • Closing Out Your Seller's Permit (Spanish)