BOE Opens Toll-Free Tax Evasion Hotline

Those with knowledge of tax evasion involving any of the Board of Equalization's 25 tax programs may now call a toll-free number to report any violations, announced Johan Klehs, Chair.

The BOE Tax Evasion Hotline, accessed by calling 888-334-3300, will provide an outlet for concerned citizens experiencing tax evasion in any form to report problems directly to a Board of Equalization representative. The toll-free number is now accessible, and representatives will be available to take calls from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for holidays.

The hotline was created because of 1995 legislative action, Senate Bill 1131, which directed the Board "to establish a toll-free telephone number for members of the general public and members of the petroleum industry to report illegal fuel sales or diesel fuel taxes evasion." The BOE recognized that other evasion tips would probably be directed to a toll-free number, so the hotline was expanded to include all of the Board's programs, not just fuel taxes.

"Tax evasion cheats hard-working, honest California citizens of millions of dollars of revenue for education and other important government services every year," Klehs said. "The Tax Evasion Hotline can stop the underground economy from cheating us all."