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Propose a Law or Regulatory Change to Help California’s Economic Recovery

  • Do you have an idea that would innovate or improve the administration of tax and fee programs at the BOE?
  • Do you have a solution to address an apparent disparity in the fairness of any BOE-administered law, regulation or administrative policy?
  • Do you have a suggestion that would change the way the BOE does business in order to ease the tax compliance burden on small business?

I am pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity for you to have your voice heard. This new BOE outreach initiative is an avenue for taxpayers to propose legislative or regulatory changes that would help ease the burden of tax compliance, encourage private sector job creation and revitalize California’s economy.

Please use the form below to propose how California might simplify, improve, or reduce the cost of complying with state tax codes. By identifying unnecessary or redundant tasks, we can help the private sector redirect wasted time, energy and resources toward job creation and new investment in our state.