Tax Help for the Agricultural Industry

California is home to over 80,000 farms and ranches making the agricultural industry a vital part of the state's economy. To be successful, farmers and businesses who sell farm related supplies must navigate many complicated and confusing tax laws and stay informed of the many farming exemptions.

My goal is for those in the agricultural industry to pay the right amount of tax owed—not too little, but also not too much—and to take advantage of the exemptions available to them.

To better assist you, the BOE offers an agricultural industry tax guide that offer tips on getting started, information on farming exemptions, basic industry topics, and links to resources that address specific questions and concerns.

Additionally, I hosted a "Tax Help for the Agricultural Industry" telephone townhall on March 4 with the California Farm Bureau Federation to discuss sales and use tax issues that affect farmers and those who sell farm and related supplies. In case you missed it, here is the audio recording.

Agriculture farmer and tractor

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