New York Governor Cuomo Seeks to Suspend Driver Licenses of Taxpayers Who Owe At Least $10,000 in Taxes.
Might California be Next?

The New York Governor’s new initiative would suspend the driver licenses of all New York taxpayers who have an outstanding tax burden of $10,000 or more. This New York initiative would presumably increase New York tax collections by $26 million this fiscal year, and as much as $6 million each year after that.

California law is similar, but more lenient.

In California, Assembly Bill 1424, passed in 2011, requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend the driver license of a person whose name is on a certified list of the 500 largest tax delinquencies in the state. California’s program only extends to tax debts more than $100,000; not to tax debts over $10,000, as New York’s new initiative does.

AB 1424 also allows other California state licensing agencies such as the Department of Fish and Wildlife or the State Bar of California to suspend or refuse to issue or renew licenses for those listed on the “Top 500 List.”

These California laws are in place to protect the funds placed in trust by California taxpayers with California businesses; specifically, sales tax paid by the consumer to the retailer who holds it in trust for the state. These funds help pay the costs of education, public safety, and other state services.

Let us help you avoid losing your licenses and paying penalties and interest. If you find yourself behind on taxes and fees administered by the Board of Equalization, please visit our website at to obtain more information. Allow us an opportunity to help you minimize the penalties or interest resulting from getting behind on your taxes and fees.

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