Issue Papers 2014

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As of February 25, 2015
Issue Paper Number Title of Issue Paper Committee Board Action
14-001 Proposed Regulation 1525.4, Manufacturing and Research & Development Equipment Business Taxes Committee 4/22/14
14-002 Property Tax Rule 133, Business Inventory Exemption Property Tax Committee 2/25/14
14-003 Proposed Amendments to Regulation 1603, Taxable Sales of Food Products (Tips, Gratuities, and Service Charges) Business Tax Committee 5/22/14
14-004 Assessors' Handbook Section 410, Assessment of Newly Constructed Property Property Tax Committee 5/22/14
14-005 Proposed amendments to Regulation 1588, Seeds, Plants and Fertilizer, to include carbon dioxide in the definition of fertilizer Business Taxes Committee 9/23/14
14-006 Regulation 1591, Medicines and Medical Devices Business Taxes Committee 11/19/14
14-007 Proposed Amendments to Regulation 1574, Vending Machine Operators Business Taxes Committee 11/19/14
14-008 Proposed Amendments to Regulation 1685.5, Calculation of Use Tax - Use Tax Table Business Taxes Committee 11/19/14
14-009 Proposed Amendments to Regulations 1533.2, Diesel Fuel Used in Farming Activities or Food Processing, and 1598.1, Diesel Fuel Prepayment Exemption (Revisions to the Definition of Diesel Fuel) Business Taxes Committee 11/19/14
14-010 Property Tax Rule 308.6, Application for Equalization by Member, Alternate Member, or Hearing Officer Property Tax Committee 1/21/15

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