Issue Papers 2013

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As of February 5, 2014
Issue Paper Number Title of Issue Paper Committee Board Action
13-001 Property Tax Rule 308.6, Application for Equalization by Member, Alternate Member, or Hearing officer Property Taxes Committee Cancelled
13-002 Application of Tax to Sales of Prewritten Software Recorded on Tangible Storage Media Business Taxes Committee 01/15/2013
13-003 Proposed Regulation 1566.1, Auto Auctions and Auto Dismantlers (Presumption of Retail Sale) Business Taxes Committee 03/12/2013
13-004 Property Tax Rule 462.040, Change in Ownership—Joint Tenancies Property Taxes Committee 03/12/2013
13-005 Proposed Lumber Products Assessment Regulations – Retailer Reimbursement Retention Business Taxes Committee 06/11/2013
13-006 Proposed Amendments to Regulation 1705, Relief of Liability, for the extension of Section 6596 relief Business Taxes Committee 08/13/2013
13-007 Proposed Amendments to Regulation 1502, Computers, Programs, and Data Processing Business Taxes Committee 08/13/2013
13-008 Regulation 1699, Permits Business Taxes Committee 11/19/2013
13-009 Proposed revisions to Regulation 1603, Taxable Sales of Food Products, tax-included presumption for mobile food vendors Business Taxes Committee 11/19/2013
13-010 Proposed Regulation 4801, Transfers of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products between Retail Locations Owned by the Same Person Business Taxes Committee Postponed
13-011 Proposed Amendments to Regulation 4902, Relief of Liability, for the extension of relief based on written advice. Business Taxes Committee 12/17/2013
13-012 Proposed amendments to Regulation 1655, Returns, Defects and Replacements Business Taxes Committee 12/17/2013

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