Issue Papers 2005

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As of December 12, 2011
Issue Paper Number Title of Issue Paper Committee Board Action
Proposed Tax Rule for Petroleum Refining Properties
Property Tax
Guidelines for the Assessment of Historical Property
Property Tax
Proposed Regulatory Changes for Application of Tax to the Use of Locomotives Purchased Outside the State - Regulation 1620, Interstate and Foreign Commerce
Business Tax
Guidelines for the Assessment of Properties Financed Using Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
Property Tax
Regulation 1802, Place of Sale and Use for Purposes of Bradley-Burns Uniform Local Sales and Use Tax - Warehouse Rule Issue
Business Tax
The Taxability of Emission Reduction Credits in the Valuation of State - Assessed Electric Generating Facilities
Property Tax
Proposed Amendments to Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax Regulations to Conform to New Statutes
Business Tax
Assessment of Structures Repaired or Rebuilt Following Damage or Destruction in a Disaster
Property Tax
Proposed Revisions to Compliance Policy and Procedure Manual (CPPM) Chapter 2, Registration, regarding issuance of a sellers permit to a person requesting a permit for the sale of tangible personal property, regardless of whether the sale of such property is lawful in this state
Business Tax
Proposed Regulatory Changes Regarding the Issuance of Seller's Permits to 'Buying Companies' - Regulation 1699, Permits
Business Tax
Timber and Timberland Values Manual
Property Tax
Proposed Property Tax Rule for Petroleum Refining Properties
Property Tax
Proposed Revisions to Regulation 1591, Medicines and Medical Devices, Regarding Products Approved by the FDA to Treat Medical Conditions
Business Tax
Proposed New Regulations 1125 and 1423 and Revised Regulations 1123 and 1420 Regarding the Primary Liability for Payment of the Fuel Tax in a Two-Party Exchange of Fuel
Business Tax
Proposed Revisions to Regulation 1602, Food Products, Regarding the Application of Tax of Sales of Combination Packages of Food and Non-Food Products
Business Tax