Business Taxes Committee – 2014 Meeting Schedule & List of Topics

Current as of September 26, 2014

2014 Calendar
Meeting Date Topic Material or Minutes Available
04/22/14 Proposed Regulation to incorporate the provisions of the Revenue and Taxation code section 6377.1 providing a sales tax exemption for qualified TPP used in Manufacturing Issue Paper
Draft regulation approved 04/22/14
04/22/14 Lumber Products Assessment – Retailer Reimbursement Retention Update
05/22/14 Proposed amendments to clarify the application of tax to mandatory tips, gratuities, or service charges Issue Paper
09/23/14 Proposed amendments to clarify when CO2 may qualify as a fertilizer Issue Paper
11/19/14 Proposed revisions to clarify the application of tax to devices implanted to mark the location of a medical condition Second Discussion Paper
11/19/14 Proposed amendments to clarify the definition of diesel fuel with respect to farming activities or food processing and the diesel fuel prepayment exemption Initial Discussion Paper