Business Taxes Committee – 2012 Meeting Schedule & List of Topics

Current as of November 27, 2012

2012 Calendar
Meeting Date Topic Material or Minutes Available
02/28/12 Proposed amendments to Regulation 1684 to incorporate the provisions of amended Revenue and Taxation Code section 6203 regarding "engaged in business in this state" Issue Paper
03/20/12 Proposed amendments to Regulation 1618 to update its provisions with changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulations Issue Paper
03/20/12 Proposed updates to manuals to incorporate guidelines and procedures related to petitions for reallocation of local tax Issue Paper
Second discussion paper
03/20/12 Technology Transfer Agreements: Project update and request to initiate an interested parties process Project Update
  Develop a proposal to initiate a reward program for unreported tax information - Revenue and Taxation Code section 7060
Note: This item was removed from the BTC calendar.
Initial discussion paper
05/30/12 Proposed revisions to Audit Manual Chapter 4 regarding US Government Supply Contracts and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Issue Paper
06/26/12 Proposed new regulation and amendments to Regulations 4601, 4603, 4604, and 4605 under the cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act of 2003. Issue paper
8/21/12 Proposed amendments to Regulation 1507, Technology Transfer Agreements: Staff will provide an update on the interested parties process and seek Board directions on this issue. Minutes
Rescheduled to 1/15/13 Proposed Regulation 4801, Transfers of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products between Retail Stores Owned by the Same Person
Rescheduled to 1/15/13 Proposed amendments to Regulation 1507 to clarify when sales or purchases of software qualify as Technology Transfer Agreements and how tax applies to sales of qualifying software media Second Discussion Paper
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