Business Taxes Committee – 2010 Meeting Schedule & List of Topics

Current as of December 15, 2010

2010 Calendar
Meeting Date Topic Material or Minutes Available
5/26/2010 Proposed regulation for wholesale cost of tobacco products Issue paper
09/15/2010 Proposed changes to Regulation 1506, Miscellaneous Service Enterprises, regarding sales of meals at summer camps
Suggested revisions to Regulation 1807, Petitions for Reallocation of Local Tax
Issue paper
11/16/2010 Classifying Wine-Based Products for Taxation Purposes: Approval sought to begin an interested parties process to discuss the need for rulemaking to clarify the alcoholic beverage tax treatment for wine-based products containing distilled alcohol Informal issue paper
12/14/2010 Sales to Landless Tribes
Approval sought to begin a process with tribal leaders and interested parties to discuss the need for rulemaking to clarify whether a limited exemption from sales and use taxes exists for sales to and purchases by officially recognized landless Indian tribes of tangible personal property for use by their tribal governments in the governance of tribal members or for the acquisition of trust land.
Informal issue paper