Business Taxes Committee – 2005 Meeting Schedule & List of Topics

Current as of December 14, 2005

Meeting Date Topic Material or Minutes Available
6/30/05 Proposed revisions to Regulation 1620, Interstate and Foreign Commerce, to clarify the application of tax to locomotives purchased for use in interstate commerce. Issue paper - Locomotives
6/30/05 BTC Meeting Minutes
8/31/05 Should Regulation 1802, Place of Sale and Use for Purposes of Bradley-Burns Uniform Local Sales and Use Taxes, be amended to extend direct distribution of local sales tax revenue to the city, county, or city and county where the retailer's stock of tangible personal property is located in cases where the retailer has sales offices in this state but the sale is negotiated out of state and fulfilled from the retailer's in-state stock of goods? Issue Paper – Local Tax Allocation
8/31/05 BTC Meeting Minutes
8/31/05 Proposed revisions to Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax regulations to conform to new statute. Issue Paper – Cigarette and Tobacco Products
8/31/05 BTC Meeting Minutes
10/25/05 Proposed revisions to Compliance Policy and Procedure Manual (CPPM) Chapter 2, Registration, to clarify whether the Board should issue a seller's permit to a person requesting a seller's permit for the sale of tangible personal property, regardless of whether the sale of such property is lawful in this state. Issue Paper - Issuing Permit
10/25/05 BTC Meeting Minutes
11/15/05 Proposed revisions to Regulation 1699, Permits, regarding the issuance of seller's permits to "buying companies." Issue Paper - Buying Companies
11/15/05 BTC Meeting Minutes