As a former Speaker pro Tempore of the State Assembly and Chair of the BOE's Legislative Committee, I understand the importance of legislation to actively better the lives of Californians. I have authored, sponsored, or taken positions on hundreds of varying pieces of legislation over the past decade, and am proud to serve the taxpayers by continuing to be engaged in the legislative process. The bills listed on this page are important to me, and you can follow the positions I have taken. You can also track how active I am as some of these bills continue to move through the legislative process.

As I have learned over my last several years of serving the people of California, some of the best policy ideas come from constituents like you. Your experiences and ideas are significant in paving the way for change and progress. If you have any ideas or issues you feel would make a great bill, please email my Deputy Director of Legislative, Regulatory, and Public Affairs:

Kasey O'Connor, my Deputy Director of Legislative, Regulatory & Public Affairs

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Author Bill
Title Analyses Resources Board Member
Ma Position
Assemblymember Garcia AB 274 Sales and use taxes: food products Amended 05/01/17   Support
Assemblymember Gloria AB 1596 Property taxation: base year value transfers Amended 04/18/18
Introduced 01/03/18
Fact Sheet Support
Assemblymember Bonta AB 1741 Cannabis: taxation: electronic funds transfer   Fact Sheet Sponsor
Assemblymember Kalra AB 2215 Cannabis: veterinarians: animals     Watching
Assemblymember Berman AB 2425 Property taxation: property records: transmission by mail or electronic format Amended 05/02/18
Amended 03/19/18
Assemblymember Gonzalez Fletcher AB 2841 Sick leave: accrual and use.     Support
Assemblymember Nazarian AB 2927 California Earthquake Authority     Support
Assemblymember Chiu AB 3037 Community Redevelopment Law of 2018   Fact Sheet Support
Assemblymember Chiu AB 3118 Sexual assault: investigations     Support
Assemblymember Chen AB 3128 Personal income tax: credit: disabled veteran: service dog FTB Analysis – Amended 04/10/18
FTB Analysis – Introduced 02/16/18
Fact Sheet Support
Assemblymember Chiu AB 3152 Property taxation: welfare exemption: rental housing: moderate income housing Amended 04/16/18
Amended 04/03/18
Assemblymembers Lackey, Bonta, Jones-Sawyer, Wood AB 3157 Taxation: cannabis   Fact Sheet Support
Assemblymember Gloria ACA 12 Property taxation: base year value transfers: persons with a severely disabled child Amended 04/18/18
Amended 01/03/18
Amended 06/29/17
Amended 04/04/17
Fact Sheet Support
Assemblymember Garcia ACA 2 Sales and use taxes: food products Amended 05/01/17   Support
Assemblymember Irwin ACR 195 California Celebrating Women in Public Office Day     Sponsor
Assemblymember Low AJR 27 Cannabis     Support
Senator Newman SB 1080 Transportation network companies: driver identification     Support
Senator Bradford SB 1082 Income taxation: timeliness penalty: abatement FTB Analysis – Introduced 02/12/18 & Amended 03/20/18 Fact Sheet Sponsor
Senator Leyva SB 1130 Property tax postponement: residential dwelling: manufactured homes   Fact Sheet Sponsor
Senator Moorlach SB 1159 Accountancy: inactive license     Watching
Senator Lara SB 1302 Cannabis: local jurisdiction: prohibitions on delivery     Support
Senator Leyva SB 1449 Rape kits: testing     Support
Senator Hernandez SB 1484 Sales and use taxes: exemption: charitable thrift stores   Fact Sheet Sponsor
Senator Wiener SB 827 Planning and zoning: transit-rich housing bonus     Support
Senator Wiener SB 828 Land use: housing element     Support
Senator Hertzberg SB 930 Financial institutions: cannabis   Fact Sheet Sponsor
Senator Dodd SCR 96 Eating Disorders Awareness Week     Sponsor

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