As Chair of the BOE Legislative Committee, and former Speaker pro Tempore of the State Assembly, I understand the importance of legislation to actively better the lives of Californians. I have authored, sponsored, or taken positions on hundreds of varying pieces of legislation over the past decade, and am proud to serve the taxpayers by continuing to be engaged in the legislative process. The bills listed on this page are important to me, and you can follow the positions I have taken. You can also track how active I am as some of these bills continue to move through the legislative process.

As I have learned over my last several years of serving the people of California, some of the best policy ideas come from constituents like you. Your experiences and ideas are significant in paving the way for change and progress. If you have any ideas or issues you feel would make a great bill, please email my legislative team:

Kasey O'Connor, my Deputy Director of Legislative, Regulatory & Public Affairs

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Author Bill
Title Analyses Resources Board Member
Ma Position
Assemblymember Garcia AB 9 Sales and use taxes: exemption: sanitary napkins: tampons: menstrual sponges and menstrual cups. Introduced 12/5/16 State Exemption List Support
Assemblymember Caballero AB 225 Personal income taxes: earned income credit: earned income amount: disqualified income.   Factsheet Sponsor
Assemblymember Garcia AB 274 Sales and use taxes: exemption: food products   Factsheet Support
Assemblymember Low AB 280 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Rape Kit Back Log Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. FTB Analysis – Introduced 02/02/17

FTB Analysis – Amended 03/02/17
Factsheet Sponsor
Asemblymember Gipson AB 327 Sales and use taxes: exclusion: pawnbrokers: transfer of vested property. Amended 03/21/17

Introduced 02/07/16
Factsheet BOE Support

Assemblymember Bocanegra AB 433 Sales and use taxes: claim for refund: customer refunds. Amended 04/03/17

Introduced 02/13/17
Factsheet Support
Assemblymember Gray AB 447 Medi-Cal: covered benefits: continuous glucose monitors.     Watching
Assemblymember Gonzalez Fletcher and Garcia AB 479 Sales and use taxes: exemption: menstrual and incontinence products: alcoholic beverage taxes: distilled spirits: additional Amended 03/27/17   Watching
Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry AB 525 Board of Equalization: Offer in compromise: extension. Amended 05/02/17

Introduced 02/13/17
Factsheet BOE Sponsored

Assemblymember Dababneh AB 858 Pupil Instruction: California Financial Literacy Initiative.   Factsheet Support
Assemblymember Bonta AB 948 Marijuana. Amended 03/29/17   Sponsor
Assemblymember Gipson AB 963 Taxation: marijuana. Amended 04/05/17

FTB Analysis Amended 03/28/17 & 04/05/17

Introduced 02/16/17

FTB Analysis – Introduced 02/16/17
Factsheet Watching
Assemblymember Bocanegra AB 1130 Heavy Equipment Rentals Introduced 02/17/17 Factsheet Support
Assemblymember Reyes AB 1268 Domestic Violence   Factsheet Support
Assemblymember Gonzalez Fletcher AB 1312 Sexual assault victims: rights   Factsheet Support
Assemblymember Wood AB 1410 Taxation: marijuana cultivation tax. Amended 04/04/17

Introduced 02/17/17
Factsheet Watching
Assemblymember Irwin AB 1566 Sales and use taxes: underpayments: overpayments. Introduced 02/17/17 Factsheet Sponsor
Senator Beall SB 1 Transportation funding. Signed into Law, Chapter 5

Introduced 12/05/16
Factsheet Watching
(Passed Legislature and signed into law by governor)
Senator Wiener and Atkins SB 148 Board of Equalization: counties: state agencies: collection of cash payments: cannabis-related businesses. Amended 04/05/17

FTB Analysis – Amended 04/05/17

Amended 03/23/17

FTB Analysis – Amended 03/23/17

Introduced 01/17/17

FTB Analysis – Introduced 01/17/17
Factsheet Sponsor
Senator Bradford SB 375 Income taxation: penalty relief. FTB Analysis – Introduced 02/14/17 & Amended 03/28/17 Factsheet Co-sponsor

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