Pre-July 2017 Legislation

Legislation Notice:

This Pre-July 2017 Legislation Section is now a historical archive.

All current legislative information is being moved to the Legislative, Research & Statistics Division section at

Legislative Section Overview

The Legislative Section is responsible for all aspects of the BOE’s legislative program, including: communicating legislative matters to the Board Members; tracking and analyzing legislation that will have an impact on the BOE; developing the BOE's legislative proposals; maintaining and distributing information on the status of legislation affecting the BOE for both internal departmental use and external interested party use; communicating Board positions to the Governor and the Legislature; and meeting with external parties to discuss legislative issues.

Staff Directory

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Legislative Section Main Line (916) 445-5742

Michele Pielsticker (Chief)322-2376
Angela Howe (Administrative Assistant II)445-6566

Kevin Beile (Legislative Manager)323-7169
Stephanie Cochran (Sales Tax)322-7281
John Cortez (Business Taxes)445-6662
Rose Marie Kinnee (Property Taxes)445-6777
Brian Miura (Administration)322-4776
Leonard Springer (Office Technician)445-7777
Debra Waltz (Administration & Sales Taxes)324-1890
Sheila Waters (Sales & Use Taxes)445-6579
Cindy Wilson (Special Taxes & Fees)445-6036

Conference Room445-7566
Fax Number445-1813

Research Section General Information445-0840

Mark Durham (Research Manager)445-0840
Bill Benson (Business Taxes)445-0840
Joe Fitz (Chief Economist)445-0840
Aileen Lee (Property Taxes)445-0840

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Bill Analyses

Board of Equalization staff analyses of Assembly and Senate bills address various administrative, cost, revenue and policy issues associated with proposed legislation; they should not be construed to reflect or suggest the Board's formal position.

Bill Analyses


Archives for Sessions 2001-02 through 2015-16

Enacted Legislation

The Legislative Bulletins listed below describe enacted legislation impacting tax programs administered by the Board of Equalization in the last year. The changes are effective January 1, of the following year, unless otherwise indicated.

2016 Sales & Use Tax Bulletin

Sales & Use Tax Bulletin Archives 1997-2015

2016 Property Tax Bulletin

Property Tax Bulletin Archives 1997-2015

2016 Special Taxes Bulletin

Special Taxes Bulletin Archives 1997-2015

Legislative Committee

The Committee is comprised of the members of the State Board of Equalization and considers legislative issues.

Committee Meeting Schedules & Materials

Committee materials may include agendas, minutes and/or legislative proposals.

2017 Meetings

2000-2015 Meeting Archives