Administration - Assembly Bills 2001-2002

The current analysis and text of a bill are provided as follows:

Assembly Bill 172 (Reyes) Information practices: State Board of Equalization.

Analysis 4/4/01 Bill Text Introduced 4/4/01
Analysis 5/14/01 Bill Text Amended 5/14/01
Analysis 7/11/01 Bill Text Amended 7/11/01

Assembly Bill 822 (Shelley) Public Records Act.

Enrolled Analysis Enrolled Bill Text

Assembly Bill 863 (Thomson) Transactions and use tax: City of West Sacramento.

Analysis 2/22/01 Bill Text Introduced 2/22/01
Analysis 5/9/01 Bill Text Amended 5/9/01

Assembly Bill 1035 (Hertzberg) State supervisory and managerial employees: compensation increase.

Analysis 5/31/01 Bill Text Amended 5/31/01

Assembly Bill 1752 (Migden) Public records.

Analysis 1/07/02 Bill Text Amended 1/07/02
Analysis 4/9/02 Bill Text Amended 4/09/02
Enrolled Bill Analysis Enrolled Bill Text

Assembly Bill 2922 (Simitian) Personal information: State agencyrecords.

Enrolled Analysis Enrolled Bill Text

Assembly Bill 3000 (Assembly Committee on Budget) Budget trailer bill: BOE exempt position: energy resources surcharge: cigarette indicia

Analysis 6/29/02 Bill Text Amended 6/29/02