File A Tax Evasion Complaint

When filing a complaint and providing information please be as specific as possible. Include the who, what, how, where and when and as many details as possible in your complaint. Whenever possible please include:

  1. The suspected tax violation.
  2. Full name of the suspect.
  3. Suspect's home address and phone number.
  4. Suspect's corporation or business name.
  5. Suspect's business address, phone number, and years in business.
  6. Suspect's profession or job title and years at the job.
  7. Suspect's social security number or federal identification number.
  8. Suspect's bank name, address and account number if known.
  9. Vehicle ownership · Plate number, make, model, color · Location where car/van is kept overnight.
  10. Cigarette or tobacco products brand (e.g. Marlboro, Newport, etc.) · Tax stamp on pack of cigarettes (e.g. California only or no tax stamp.) · Location where the cigarettes or tobacco products are stored (under the counter, behind a door, warehouse, etc.)
  11. Does the store have a current Sellers Permit?
  12. Is the suspect involved in any other criminal activities?

There are several ways to file a tax evasion complaint.

  1. You may call our Tax Evasion Hotline at 888-334-3300.
  2. You may call our Investigations Division at 916-324-0105.
  3. You may fax your complaint to us at 916-324-1578.
  4. You may e-mail us anonymously by clicking here ; or
  5. You may write or visit us at:
    State Board of Equalization
    Investigations Division
    450 N. Street
    PO Box 942879 MIC: 42
    Sacramento, Ca. 94279-0042