General Outreach Event Guidelines

Requirements for participation

  • Must have a Governmental purpose.
  • Must be a not-for-profit event/seminar.
  • Must be sponsored by not-for-profit entity.
  • BOE speaker requests must meet the requirements outlined in BEAM sections 7807-7809.
  • Board Member speaker and cosponsor requests are approved directly by the Board Member.

Requirements for use of logo/seal

  • Can be used on event materials for BOE sponsored events.
  • Can be used on non-BOE sponsored event materials for a not-for-profit event, sponsored by a not-for-profit entity when the BOE is a participating agency.
  • Typically not used on event materials that include for-profit company logos.

Requirements for acceptance of donations

  • No donations will be solicited or accepted by BOE staff.
  • Behested payments for BOE-approved event/seminar venues are allowed as long as the seminar is principally for governmental purposes. Such payments will not be considered a gift or donation. If such payments equal or exceed $5,000 in the aggregate in a calendar year from the same source, then reporting obligations will occur. (Gov. Code, §82015(b)(2)(B)(iii).)
  • BOE may partner with a nonprofit organization to sponsor events/seminars that have a governmental purpose. The nonprofit organization may receive funding from for-profit entities. The nonprofit organization may receive funding/donations to defray the costs of an event/seminar sponsored by both the BOE and the nonprofit organization.

General information about BOE events

In person seminars are designed to better educate tax and fee-payers about their tax obligations. A schedule seminars can be found at

  • Sales and use tax classes are offered for free at the BOE District offices. Class locations, dates and times can be found on the BOE website These instructor led class assists taxpayers in preparing a sales and use tax return; supporting and reporting exempt sales; using a resale certificate; determining what is taxable and non-taxable labor; maintaining adequate records; preparing a sales and use tax return.
  • Event calendar for BOE events and meetings can be found at The calendar includes scheduled events and meetings that are sponsored by the BOE.

Approval Process

  • BOE-sponsored, cosponsored events, speaker bureau requests and the production and distribution of event materials, news releases, public service announcements, and promotional materials require review and approval by the External Affairs Department, Legal Department and the Executive Director.