Marine Invasive Species Fee - As of June 30, 2011

Year Started
2000 (Known as the Ballast Water Management Fee through December 31, 2003. Administered under the Marine Invasive Species Fee Collection Law, effective January 1, 2004.)
What is Taxed?
Ships entering California with ballast water from outside a defined coastal zone
Who Pays?
Owners and operators of vessels arriving in California ports
Number of Registrants
Tax Rate
$625 per qualifying vessel voyage; $850 per qualifying vessel voyage effective 11-09.
10-11 Revenues
$5.0 million
Revenue Change from 09-10
Up 15.5%
Fund Allocation
Marine Invasive Species Control Fund to support a program that addresses the introduction of non-native aquatic species into the state's waters
Citation of the Law

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