Taxpayer Educational Consultation Program

Did you know you can get assistance from the Board of Equalization for FREE?

The Taxpayer Educational Consultation Program is a free program designed to provide you assistance in your first year of business. This will prepare you to meet your sales and use tax reporting requirements now and in the future.

We know that opening a new business can be both exciting and confusing. Learning and understanding California’s Sales and Use Tax Laws can be very challenging. We are committed to helping you get the information you need.

Is My Business Eligible?

To be eligible for our Taxpayer Educational Consultation Program, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a new business (in business less than a year),
  • Have filed at least two Sales and Use Tax returns with the Board of Equalization, and

You will receive a one-on-one consultation from a trained staff member who will review your business operations and recordkeeping system. You will have the opportunity to get answers to all your questions regarding sales and use tax and the Board of Equalization in general. Consultations are available to businesses in their first year of business.

And the best part… consultations are FREE!

How Do I Get Started?

Call your local district office today to schedule an appointment.

Consultations are not audits, however, you will need to provide the consultant with access to your books and records so we can provide you with the best information and help you make your business a success. These records may include:

couple with agent
  • Sales and use tax returns and worksheets.
  • Sales journals.
  • General ledgers.
  • Customer billings, sales invoices, contracts, job files.
  • Paid bills and purchase invoices.
  • Purchase journal/cash disbursements journal.
  • Bank statements and canceled checks.
  • Resale certificates.