BOE Headquarters Building Assessment

Executive Director's Message

The Headquarters remediation project and elevator modernization project were completed by the Department of General Services (DGS) in January 2012. However, the investigation of various mechanical systems with required repairs continue in the 450 N Street Building.

The DGS is in the process of selecting a contractor to remove and replace the exterior spandrel panels of the building. It estimates this work will begin in the summer of 2013 and the project schedule will be provided at that time.

The DGS is also currently investigating possible corrosion in the building’s wastewater drainage system. Once DGS completes its investigation, a report of findings will be provided to BOE that outlines all necessary repairs and replacement of the drainage system.

We have and will continue to do our best to obtain and post updates and reports from DGS and its consultants on this web page for your review. The BOE’s consultant, Hygiene Technologies Inc (HTI), continues to monitor the building’s indoor air quality to assure health and safety requirements are met for all staff. We will continue to post testing results and related materials on this web page as they become available to us.

If you have any building related questions, feel free to make your inquiry through this web page. If you are aware of or discover a water event or other building concern (i.e., elevator issue), please let us know by filling out a “Report a leak/event” form on this page.

If you have any health concerns or questions, please contact your personal physician and advise them of the existence of this web page. If they have any questions, we will do our best to put them in contact with our consultants for additional assistance.

I appreciate the positive outlook and continued hard work of our employees to accomplish BOE’s core mission. As we work together during this process, we continue to be mindful of the health and safety of our employees, which is our number one priority.

Thank you for your continued professionalism and cooperation during this long process of remediation and building repairs.