Online Seminars – Growing Your Business

These presentations are designed for you, the California small business owner interested in growing your business. They cover the necessary information you need to be successful and help you avoid some errors owners commonly make.

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How to Avoid Common Sales and Use Tax Problems

The State Board of Equalization will show you the top expensive mistakes found in Sales and Use Tax audits and explain how to avoid them.

Marketing Your Business

The Small Business Development Center presents highlighting effective marketing strategies and techniques to develop and launch a successful marketing plan geared toward your unique client base. Learn how market research assists business owners with identifying a target market and the importance of developing a relationship marketing plan.

Contracting Opportunities

The Department of General Services wants you to know that the State of California and many local Government entities are looking to contract with Small Businesses (SBs) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBEs). Becoming a California certified SB/DVBE can lead to many contracting opportunities for you and your business. Learn how you can be a supplier for the State!

Business Tax Requirements

The Internal Revenue Service wants you to learn about extremely important aspects of business tax requirements. This video will explain basic record keeping recordkeeping tax requirements, the purpose of an employer identification number, basic bookkeeping and accounting methods, and more!

Employment Status

If you are having trouble viewing the EDD’s web-based training modules, download the free web player here.

The Employment Development Department presents this workshop on explaining how to apply common law and statutory law to determine if a worker is an employee or independent contractor. It will also cover scenarios which could lead to costly audits, provide no-cost ways to get help and to avoid potential problems.

State Income Tax and Small Business – Franchise Tax Board

As a new business owner, one of the first critical questions is determining which form of ownership will best meet your business needs. This presentation gives you an overview of different forms of business ownership and discusses some of their key features, tax filing requirements, estimated tax requirements, advantages, and disadvantages.

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