Cigarette and Tobacco Products Seminar for Retailers

Welcome to the online seminar for Tobacco Retailers. The information contained on this website is provided to help you better understand the state's requirements and your responsibilities as a retailer of cigarettes and tobacco products in California. If you prefer to attend an instructor-led class at one of the BOE offices, visit our Free Tobacco Classes web page for a list of class locations.

This online seminar is available for viewing by Video or as a Slide Show. The Video is broken into segments by topic so you can chose the segment that is of interest to you. Or you may prefer to use the Slide Show so you can view the information at your own pace. Whichever format you choose, we highly recommend you view all the topics provided to help you fully understand and comply with California's tobacco laws.

You can use the link shown below to email any questions you may have regarding cigarette and tobacco sales in California. A BOE representative will promptly respond to your inquiry.


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