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Small Business Owners Get Pro-Tips on Tax Laws and Credits in Riverside

Posted 12/02/2016

Jordan Marks, Board of Equalization District Director of Taxation and Regulatory Affairs, speaks to today's gathering at Senator Richard Roth's Small Business Workshop held at the UC Riverside Alumni & Visitors Center.……Read More


Getting Back to Basics in Fallbrook

Posted 11/16/2016

The beautiful North County city of Fallbrook is known for its rolling hills, and a bustling economy with positive job growth and delicious avocados. Fallbrook recently received a visit from Board of Equalization (BOE) Information Officer Lance Christiansen for a free taxpayer education class. The BOE and groups……Read More


Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce Talks Taxes With BOE

Posted 10/14/2016

Residents and business owners took time out from another day in paradise to attend today's Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce Luncheon at the City Hall Council Chambers. Appearing as guest speaker on behalf of BOE Vice Chair Diane Harkey was Information Officer Lance Christiansen. Lance gave a brief……Read More

Team Harkey Continues Free Tax Workshop Series in Riverside

Posted 10/13/2016

"Today was great! I will be back for the next one! Just to learn more and refresh before tax time." Those were the sentiments of Janice Petersen, owner of A&H Emergency Services, a company that supports all the volunteers at fires, earthquakes, and other temporary evacuation centers. She was just one attendee……Read More

Menifee Elks Lodge Members Get Helpful Tax Information at Free Workshop

Posted 10/10/2016

Nonprofit organizations are, of course, all about doing good things for the community. They are also about wanting to do the right thing as far as paying their taxes. That's why Vice Chair Diane Harkey was sponsoring another Sales & Use Tax for Nonprofit Organizations Workshop today at the……Read More


Team Harkey Brings Tax Education Resources to Temecula

Posted 09/22/2016

There's little doubt that the "mom and pop business on the corner" has evolved into the "mom and pop business upstairs" as more and more home and Internet businesses are popping up in today's corporate landscape. That's why Board of Equalization Vice Chair Diane Harkey.……Read More

Team Harkey Brings Tax Education Resources to District Veterans

Posted 09/21/2016

Appearing on behalf of BOE Vice Chair Diane Harkey, Information Officer Lance Christiansen was the guest speaker for the 25th District Meeting of the American Legion held at legion post #106 in Redlands this past Sunday.……Read More


San Juan Capistrano "Raises the Roof" For Business in Orange County

Posted 08/30/2016

San Juan Capistrano, the city renowned for Mission San Juan Capistrano and famous for its love of all things equestrian, presented its 60th Annual Chamber Installation Dinner & Awards this summer. Hosted in the heart of San Juan Capistrano at the beautiful El Adobe de Capistrano restaurant, the event's program included honoring Myron and Mozelle Sukut, San Juan Capistrano Man & Woman of the Year, and Five Vines Wine Bar, Business of the Year.……Read More

Growing Your Business in California: Team Harkey Partners with GO-Biz

Posted 08/19/2016

Entrepreneurs and manufacturers came out in full force this July to learn how to apply for the $75 million in tax credits available to California firms through the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). Co-sponsored by State Board of Equalization Vice-Chair Diane Harkey and GO-Biz, attendees learned how to apply for the California Competes Tax Credit as well as ……Read More

Dana Point Harbor: A Blast to the Past

Posted 08/17/2016

With themes like "Coastal Life 1966," Dana Point Harbor's historical tale serves as a reflection of its secluded beauty and remarkable charm. On August 29 of this year, the scheduled opening of a 50-year-old time capsule will add on to this tale.……Read More

From CEO to Corona Rotary Club's First Female President

Posted 08/11/2016

During the 2014–15 term, Pam Walker sat as the first female president for the Rotary Club in Corona. She is the CEO of Town & Country Escrow in Corona, where she has worked since 1979. Pam is also very active in Rotary, one of the largest service clubs in the United States with chapters across the 50 states and throughout the world.……Read More

Cool Your Costs to Heat up Your Business' Bottom Line

Posted 08/09/2016

Conserving energy can be easy to implement, cost effective, and will certainly save you and your business money. When you conserve energy, you cool your costs and heat up your bottom line. So how can conserving help heat up your bottom line? According to Energy Star, the average……Read More


San Diego's Comic–Con has Bigger Impact.

Posted 07/22/2016

All geared up and ready to go, the San Diego Convention Center is packed to the brim with fans from all over the world to see the annual multimedia entertainment showcase. This annual staple is the meeting ground where art and science collide.……Read More

The Music Forte

Posted 07/22/16

More often than not there is a lack of emphasis and recognition of the arts, especially in respect to the world of music. However, this did not stop Nicole Wilson……Read More

Rose Mayes Honored as Woman of the Year

Posted 07/12/16

Each Assembly District annually names an outstanding community member as the Woman of the Year. The honorees attend a celebration of their achievements at the Capitol in Sacramento during Women's History Month.……Read More

San Diego Kids Win Big at 129th Anniversary Celebration

Posted 07/08/16

Earlier this June, the San Diego Center for Children held its 129th Anniversary Celebration, successfully raising $360,000 for over 1,000 children and families in the San Diego community. At this celebration, Susie Sides and Jim Avery, two passionate and committed volunteers, received this……Read More

Shauna Fleming Gives Our Troops A Million Thanks

Posted 07/07/16

Shauna Fleming, a freshman at Orange Lutheran, had a dream to send a million letters to thank U.S troops for their service. A decade later, over seven million letters have been sent, making her dream a reality. This Orange County native, with her heartwarming idea, became widely recognized,……Read More

Woman's Club of Cypress Continues Proud 50 Year Tradition

Posted 07/06/16

Earlier this spring, the Woman's Club of Cypress (WCC) held its 50th anniversary luncheon in Seal Beach. Over 85 members, guests, and local elected officials attended including Assemblywoman Young Kim, Cypress Mayor Mariellen Yarc and Santa Ana Unified Board Member Cecilia Iglesias.……Read More

Woman of the Year Dr. Erlinda Martinez Retires from Santa Ana College

Posted 07/05/16

Congratulations to Dr. Erlinda Martinez who retired as president of Santa Ana College last week after 11 years of service. Her good work and advocacy for Santa Ana College have made a lasting impression on the community.……Read More


The Fun Side of Recordkeeping – Time Well Spent

Posted 06/30/16

"Time well spent" was the message business owner Karen Togashi was trying to convey after attending the free Record Keeping Workshop in Corona, sponsored by BOE Vice Chair Diane Harkey. "Honestly, before I came I was afraid this would become an hour and a half of my life that I'd never get back," confessed Togashi after the workshop.……Read More

Tax Talk Heating Up Twentynine Palms

Posted 06/29/16

What's the tax on a hot tin roof?" would have been an appropriate question Thursday night as area business owners braved 110 degree heat to attend a Basic Record Keeping Workshop in Twentynine Palms. Sponsored by BOE Vice Chair Diane Harkey, as well as Senator Mike Morrell.……Read More

Filing Taxes for New Small Business Owners

Posted 06/28/16

Filing taxes can be a complicated and tiresome process. As a small business owner, it is important for you to be well-versed in the different kinds of taxes applicable to your business. Among these are income tax, payroll tax, and sales tax.……Read More

Dancing Keys Music Studio Grooves Into Irvine

Posted 06/17/16

Some people actually go to the police station to avoid problems with the law…sales & use tax law that is. Board of Equalization Vice Chair Diane Harkey, along with Senator Mike Morrell, Inland Empire Taxpayer Association Founder Chris Mann, and the Highland Chamber of Commerce sponsored a Basic Sales and……Read More

Highland Basic Sales and Use Tax and Tax Return Workshop

Posted 06/16/16

Some people actually go to the police station to avoid problems with the law…sales & use tax law that is. Board of Equalization Vice Chair Diane Harkey, along with Senator Mike Morrell, Inland Empire Taxpayer Association Founder Chris Mann, and the Highland Chamber of Commerce sponsored a Basic Sales and……Read More

How to Properly Close a Business to Avoid Unnecessary Taxes

Posted 06/15/16

Here on the Golden State Blog we like to highlight new businesses forming, and established businesses growing throughout the state. However, there are occasions where a business owner will decide to dissolve their business.……Read More

Diverse Group Gets Up to Speed on Sales and Use Tax

Posted 06/14/16

A diverse group of business owners attended a recent Basic Sales & Use Tax Class held at the Riverside District Office of the Board of Equalization. Sponsored by Vice Chair Diane Harkey, area entrepreneurs were given information on sales, use, and district taxes as well as how to file a sales tax return electronically.……Read More

Menifee Valley Restaurant Food, & Alcohol Workshop Recap

Posted 06/09/16

Restauranteurs, concessionaires, and tax professionals all converged at the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce for the Restaurant, Food, and Alcohol Workshop, sponsored by BOE Vice Chair Diane Harkey.  The workshop, also sponsored by Senator Jeff Stone and Mayor of Murrieta Randon Lane, featured sales and use tax instruction for the often challenging prepared food industry.……Read More

Garden Grove Chamber Celebrates New Board

Posted 06/07/16

This month, business owners from throughout Garden Grove and the neighboring city of Westminster gathered together as the Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce hosted its first ever Leadership Appreciation Luncheon to celebrate both the outgoing, and incoming chamber board members.……Read More

Looking Sharp! b.spoke Open For Business in Costa Mesa

Posted 06/02/16

COSTA MESA – Orange County took a fashion forward step in the manufacturing sector recently with the opening of b.spoke, a men's custom tailored clothing boutique in Costa Mesa. The bright, stylish storefront tucked into a quint business complex has been opened for about 18 months, but the company……Read More

Deserving Merit

Posted 06/02/16

Considering the trend of rising costs of education, it is becoming increasingly necessary for students to seek out funds to support the venture. Luckily for the award winners of the Garden Grove Chamber's Women's Division ROP award, that weight has been partially lifted from the students' shoulders. Eight students……Read More

OC Celebrates New Vietnamese Business with a Bang

Posted 06/01/16

Orange County is well-known for its diverse culture of residents, food and businesses. In particular, the City of Garden Grove is often recognized for its vibrant Vietnamese community. Last week, local elected officials and the Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce gathered to celebrate the newest business in town……Read More


Perris Recordkeeping Workshop Takes the Cake

Posted 05/31/16

Central Riverside County business owners got to have their taxes, and eat cake too at the Basic Record Keeping Workshop in the City of Perris. Sponsored by State Board of Equalization Vice Chair Diane Harkey, as well as Perris City Councilperson Tonya Burke, Corona City Councilperson.……Read More

Hemet Job Creators "Check Out" Business Tax Tips at the Library

Posted 05/25/16

At a recent Albondigas Political Society South County lunch, John Mendez welcomed Sharp Chula Vista CEO Dr. Pablo Velez to explain how the medical facility's major expansion is breathing new life in to the South Bay community located in Diane Harkey's Fourth District.……Read More

Sharp Chula Vista is Expecting a New Addition!

Posted 05/24/16

At a recent Albondigas Political Society South County lunch, John Mendez welcomed Sharp Chula Vista CEO Dr. Pablo Velez to explain how the medical facility's major expansion is breathing new life in to the South Bay community located in Diane Harkey's Fourth District.……Read More

Get a Job!

Posted 05/23/16

Last Tuesday night the buzz of summer filled the room as junior high students gathered at the Laguna Niguel Civic Center for an evening with their local legislators at the city, county and state levels. These students participated in the Laguna Niguel Junior Civic club, a group that meets once a month……Read More

Daily Acts of Courage

Posted 05/19/16

On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, the Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce held its annual Recognition Breakfast for uniformed officers in the city of Yorba Linda. Over 28 officers were recognized and honored from the Orange County Sheriff's Department, Orange County Fire Authority and Emergency……Read More

Horton Plaza Park is now Open in Downtown

Posted 05/17/16

Designed by Irving Gill in 1910, the famous and historic Horton Plaza Fountain resides in Horton Plaza Park as well. Widely regarded as the City's first piece of civic art, this fountain received a $450,000 renovation. Suffering from a century of use and neglect, the fountain has now been repaired……Read More

A Sweet Trip to Remember

Posted 05/16/16

Reminiscing about the first trip to an ice cream parlor as a child can leave one with warm and fuzzy feelings. What if those days could be relived with a delicious new treat? Frozen yogurt can offer a healthier alternative to the time-tested treat. "Fro-yo" is an always delicious alternative with fewer calories……Read More

Western State Law School: Aspiring to Greater Heights

Posted 05/12/16

The Western School of Law at Argosy University recently broke ground at their new Irvine campus, officially cutting the ribbon on April 29, 2016. The oldest existing law school in Orange County, the new Irvine location sits adjacent to Cal State Fullerton's Irvine Campus, adding to that familiar……Read More

Shaved Ice Ice Baby

Posted 05/10/16

With summer just around the corner, things are starting to heat up in the fourth district. What better way to relieve yourself from the heat of the sun than sitting down for a new frozen treat? Shaved Ice Ice Baby allows one to enjoy a heaping pile of delicious shaved ice at a reasonable price……Read More

Facebook Boosts San Diego Small Business with Harkey & Gonzalez

Posted 05/09/16

Over 300 small business owners packed the Chula Vista City Council Chambers to boost their online presence and revenue through the tech giant and social media platform Facebook.……Read More


Famous Phil's B.B.Q Opens in Rancho Bernardo – San Diego

Posted 04/29/16

Phil's B.B.Q, the #2 rated YELP restaurants in the nation, known for their delicious ribs, chicken, sandwiches, and signature B.B.Q sauce, just opened a new location in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego. This top rated BOE fourth district restaurant has received countless awards including best sandwich on the west coast by……Read More

A Maritime Creation

Posted 04/27/16

A soft thrum fills the room, machines gently hiss, the lathe begins to grind away at a giant bronze bearing, on the wall a picture of a naval ship sits displaying the function of each individual bearing supporting the drive shaft of the vessels. These are the sounds of innovation. The American Metal……Read More

Bringing Fresh Fish to the Desert

Posted 04/25/16

Who would have thought you could get fresh fish in the desert town of Yucca Valley? Apparently it is easier than assumed as co-owner of Hook & Line Family Fishing, Anne Nicole Pulliam, was among the area business persons in attendance for the……Read More

California Home Prices Heading Back to Pre-Recession Levels

Posted 04/21/16

According to the California State Board of Equalization, California home prices are moving towards their pre-recession levels. The Board of Equalization's latest issue of Economic Perspective, shows California median home prices averaged $473,995. This value is 85% of their peak 2006 value of $560,641.……Read More

La Mesa Hot Spot Celebrates Two Years of Success

Posted 04/20/16

The Hills Local Pub is an extremely popular eatery in the city of La Mesa, offering delicious breakfast, brunch, and dinner options as well as a long list of local beers on tap. Along with some great happy hour specials, The Hills offers live music on Saturday nights, fun events, and……Read More

Harkey Hosts Free Sales and Use Tax Workshop in Rancho Mirage

Posted 04/19/16

Business owners and entrepreneurs from the 4th District gathered at Board of Equalization (BOE) Vice Chair Diane L. Harkey's Rancho Mirage office this week for a free sales and use tax workshop. The informational workshop discussed best practices for collecting and transferring sales and use tax,……Read More

Toast and Taxes in Perris

Posted 04/18/16

Perris Valley Chamber of Commerce members were treated to “toast and taxes” at a recent Chamber-sponsored perk-up Breakfast. Held at the local VFW Hall, attendees heard sales tax history and tips from Board of Equalization Information Officer Lance Christiansen. Lance appeared on behalf of 4th District……Read More

Indulging in Phenix Salon Suites

Posted 04/14/16

The opening of the new beauty boutique Phenix Salon Suites brings a fresh outlook to the fashion of Newport Beach. Located on Newport Boulevard, the space is brand new and ready to cater to client's needs. Come and pamper yourself with professional service brought to you by one of the many stylists.……Read More

The Love Aquarium is Every Fish Enthusiast's Paradise

Posted 04/13/16

San Diego fish owners get ready. The Love Aquarium is open for business. A delightful mix of kindness, expert knowledge, and superb customer service, The Love Aquarium is sure to satisfy any aquatic desire. Originally known has Fish Haven, after 5 years of success they have re-branded……Read More

District 4 Restaurants Dominate Yelp's Top 100

Posted 04/11/16

California has often been an icon in theited States, a cultural mixing pot including a variety of unique people. This diversity can lead to a tasty conundrum when choosing where to eat. In a recent survey by Yelp listing the top one hundred restaurants in the US for 2016,……Read More

Business is Brewing in Anaheim

Posted 04/07/16

Scott Koehm, a representative from the City of Anaheim's Planning and Building Department, attended the event and explained that the success of these up and coming breweries is largely due to the City's early partnership and desire to become a destination for fresh, locally-brewed craft beers,……Read More

Palm Springs: Like No Place Else

Posted 04/06/16

Borrowing the current slogan from the City of Palm Springs, the high attendance at our recent Basic Sales and Use Tax Class in Palm Springs brought a number of small business owners eager to learn all about industry tax tips to help boost their businesses. The free workshop was sponsored by Board of Equalization……Read More

Saddleback Alumni Making a Difference Around the World

Posted 04/04/16

Congratulations to Michelle Desilets, who was recently named alumna of the year by Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. A former student, Desilets has dedicated her career and talents abroad to protecting endangered orangutans and their……Read More


Happy National Women's Month!

Posted 03/29/16

Since 1987, March has been recognized as National Women's History Month and in 2016 the North San Diego Business Chamber celebrated with their annual San Diego Women's Week. The five day event culminated with Friday's Inspiration Conference, featuring inspirational and……Read More

Indonesian Coffee Appreciation Day

Posted 03/28/16

Partner Coffee Roasters celebrated a ribbon cutting ceremony and recognized Indonesian Coffee Appreciation Day on March 25, 2016. They organized the event in conjunction with the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Los Angeles……Read More

Popular Life Style Store Opening New Location in the Heart of Palm Springs

Posted 03/23/16

Destination PSP, a hip life style store, is opening the doors to its new flagship store in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. Specializing in home décor products, that represent and showcase the vast diversity and beauty of the Coachella Valley, Destination PSP is sure to be a hit in Palm Springs. The stores founders……Read More

Jumpin’ for Jumpin’ Crab

Posted 03/21/16

Westminster's newest seafood restaurant, aptly named Jumpin' Crab, recently celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Westminster Mayor Tri Ta, representatives from the city council, and various other members from the community were delighted with a variety of different Cajun treats from……Read More

Free Tax Assistance for Veteran Families in Orange County

Posted 03/18/16

On Saturday, February 27th, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, hosted by Coastline Community College and the IRS, had a successful day assisting Veterans and their spouses in filing IRS income tax returns in Newport Beach. ……Read More

Beer: California's Pot of Gold

Posted 03/17/16

St. Patrick’s Day festivities vary person-to-person depending on local culture and traditions. Most festivities include a lot of green and plenty of great beer. If you happen to be enjoying a beer on St. Patrick’s Day (designate a driver!) then taxes are likely the farthest thing from your mind. But the numbers……Read More

Building Success: Choose Your Own Ingredients

Posted 03/14/16

On February 26th, a ribbon cutting ceremony was hosted at the new and anticipated Stacked: Food Well Built restaurant in Huntington Beach. Stacked first opened its doors in Torrance, CA in May of 2011. During its first year of operation, Stacked was awarded the Technology Innovation Award by the National……Read More

Pet Supply: Fountain Valley's One-Stop-Shop for Cat Crazy Millennials

Posted 03/11/16

Pet Supply, a small family-owned pet supply store, held a ribbon cutting ceremony on February 19 for their newly expanded Fountain Valley location. The California State Board of Equalization Vice Chair Diane L. Harkey's staff was honored to be there to celebrate……Read More

Software Designer Building Solutions in 4th District

Posted 03/10/16

The staff at information technology business Lydon Solutions received a certificate of achievement on behalf of California State Board of Equalization (BOE) Vice Chair Diane L. Harkey during a recent ceremony organized by the Brea Chamber of Commerce. The construction software company designs programs……Read More

Short Stacks Yield Big Wins for Children's Charity

Posted 03/08/16

March 8 is one of the most delicious (and stickiest!) days of the year; International Pancake Day! Staff from the office of BOE Vice Chair Diane Harkey went to the right place to celebrate: our local IHOP in Santa Ana. This location held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and was joined by Harkey's staff, the Santa Ana Chamber……Read More

Our Golden State Leads the Flight

Posted 03/07/16

On Friday, February 19, 2016, a major announcement was made from the cradle of the evolution of American flight. In an unassuming warehouse parked in the outskirts of the Mojave Desert, a stone’s throw away from Edwards Airforce Base and beneath the skies that once witnessed the first time a human being……Read More

Girl Scout Week

Posted 03/04/16

It is that time of year again, Girl Scout Cookie season. If you haven't yet bought your Girl Scout Cookies, don't worry! Cookie season ends across the 4th District on Sunday, March 6th.

Not only are the cookies delicious, but selling them teaches……Read More

Mornings with Mayes Event Brings Community Together

Posted 03/02/16

On Saturday February 20th, staff for Member Diane Harkey, including district leader Jordan Marks, attended a packed community event at the Soboba Springs Country Club in the City of San Jacinto. The "Mornings with Mayes" community coffee event had in attendance several prominent state and local leaders……Read More

Mimi & Red Voted San Diego's Best Women's Clothing Store!

Posted 03/01/16

Mimi and Red are two lifelong friends who decided to open up their own boutique. Specializing in women's clothing, jewelry, accessories, and gifts, Mimi and Red opened up their first store in the spring of 2007 in the heart of North Park in San Diego with the name Mimi & Red. Three years.……Read More


Small Business Highlight: A New Way to Get FIT in Carlsbad

Posted 02/26/16

FIT Monkey was founded by a mother and daughter, Denise and Kelly. The studio opened in 2015 in Carlsbad and specializes in customized individual fitness routines. Both Denise and Kelly, grew up around fitness and staying active so they thought it made perfect sense to open up a fitness studio.……Read More

True Customer Service for Taxpayers in District 4

Posted 02/24/16

In serving the constituents of the 4th Board of Equalization District, our staff is committed to helping taxpayers comply with their tax obligations and providing concierge level service when an issue arises.……Read More

Explanation of State Sales Tax on Gasoline and the Fuel Tax Swap

Posted 02/22/16

Gasoline became subject to state sales tax as part of the Transportation Development Act of 1971. Beginning in 2000, sales tax on gasoline was dedicated to transportation. Since 2008-09, revenue derived from this tax was distributed 40 percent to local transportation agencies……Read More

Local Officer Displays True Thanksgiving Spirit in Helping Stranded Family

Posted 02/22/16

This past Thanksgiving, an Oregon family visiting California for the holiday became victims of an auto burglary. Thankfully, Anaheim Police Department Officer Dave Garcia was there to save the day with quick thinking and a generous heart……Read More

How High Are Gas Taxes in Your State?

Posted 02/18/16

Today's post was reprinted with permission from the Tax Foundation. See the original article on their website.

This week's tax map takes a look at state gasoline tax rates, using data from a recent report by the American Petroleum Institute. Pennsylvania has the highest rate of 51.60 cents……Read More

New Store Looks to Paint Bright Future in 4th District

Posted 02/18/16

With over 2,000 stores the Sherwin-Williams Company has grown into the largest producer of paints and coatings in the country. Today Huntington Beach became the newest location for the successful chain.

The staff of the recently opened store was presented with a certificate……Read More

Goin' Stag In Newport Beach

Posted 02/16/16

Stag Bar & Kitchen is the oldest bar on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, CA. Established in 1908, it is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Marking its centennial, in 2014, the bar underwent a complete restoration and expansion. Enduring different stages……Read More

Churning out an Ice Cream Revolution

Posted 02/12/16

Saturday, February 13, Churned Creamery held its grand opening. Churned is located in Union Market at The District in Tustin. At the grand opening they offered a free CroCream dessert to the first 200 customers.

The CroCream is their signature desert, combining their one of a kind freshly ……Read More

California Chocolate: Sweet for Your Valentine, and the Economy

Posted 02/11/16

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and with this holiday usually comes the promise of chocolate.

Aside from the dessert's delicious qualities, chocolate plays an important role in California. California accounts for around 20 percent of United States dairy production annually, making……Read More

Garden Grove: A Diverse, Diamond Celebration

Posted 02/05/16

On January 27th, 2016, Mayor Bao Nguyen, the nation's first Vietnamese American mayor of a city with a population of more than 100,000, addressed the citizens of Garden Grove about exciting new develop projects currently underway in the city……Read More

Fountain Valley: "A Nice Place to Live"

Posted 02/04/16

On January 26th, 2016, Mayor Cheryl Brothers and Fountain Valley Chamber President/CEO Mary Parsons co-delivered the Fountain Valley State of the City/Chamber address. Mayor Brothers highlighted a few of Fountain Valley’s accomplishments of 2015 which included securing a $14.5 million water bond……Read More

Cypress State of the City

Posted 02/03/16

On January 20th, 2016, Mayor Mariellen Yarc did a wonderful job highlighting developments in Cypress at the Cypress State of the City. Mayor Yarc stressed that "Balance is the Key to Life" and that a meaningful life is a life that is balanced between work & play, a goal that the city of Cypress accomplishes……Read More

Murrieta Workshop Brings Sales & Use Tax Regulations into Focus for Photographers

Posted 02/03/16

State Board of Equalization (BOE) 4th District Member Diane L. Harkey recently sponsored a "Sales & Use Tax for Photography Businesses" workshop in Riverside County to help photographers understand the tax rules related to this industry.……Read More

Farmers Insurance Open, Swings Big for Women and the Community

Posted 02/02/16

Every year The Farmers Insurance Open Golf Tournament brings thousands of golf enthusiasts and millions of dollars to San Diego, but what most don't see is the non-profit host behind the tournament gives back a tremendous amount to the community and diversity through……Read More

Harkey Hosts Workshop for Businesses in Mission Viejo

Posted 02/02/16

In her continued support of California business, State Board of Equalization (BOE) Member Diane L. Harkey sponsored a Record Keeping for Small Business Workshop in the 4th District recently. The presentation at Mission Viejo Civic Center was organized to inform business……Read More

San Diego Regional Chamber Advances Small Businesses with Advocacy Roundtable

Posted 02/01/16

The San Diego Regional Chamber Legislative & Small Business Advocacy Committee led by Megan Collins from San Diego State University hosted a Small Business Roundtable so legislative representatives can hear directly from local businesses and to give them an update on changes that are making it easier……Read More


Harkey Hosts Free Tax Workshops in Riverside

Posted 01/22/16

Every seat was filled at the City of Murrieta's future for tech startups – The Murrieta Innovation Center. State Board of Equalization Information Officer Lance Christensen was there on Tuesday to present a Basic Sales & Use Tax Workshop and to instruct businesses how to file a digital Sales & Use Tax Return……Read More

Chula Vista Job Creators Invited to Free Small Business Seminar and Resource Expo

Posted 01/21/16

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, California State Board of Equalization (BOE) Member Diane Harkey will sponsor a free Small Business Seminar in Chula Vista along with Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez, San Diego Supervisor Greg Cox, Chula Vista Councilmember Steve Miesen and ……Read More

Getting into the Weeds Part IV

Posted 01/20/16

As we enter 2016, our new industry and cash crop, marijuana, is the buzz in Sacramento. Over 30 new pieces of pro-marijuana legislation will be introduced this year, with little outside-the-beltway scrutiny. Big players are waiting in the wings to seize the marketplace……Read More

Living the Dream and Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the District

Posted 01/15/16

Dr. King fought tirelessly for his community to create a world where all people have the opportunity to succeed. His dream continues to influence our lives to this day. Over the past 50 years, we have made progress as a nation in advancing his vision……Read More

60 Years Young! Stanton Marks Diamond Celebration

Posted 01/14/16

60 years young! On Tuesday, January 12, 2016 the City of Stanton kicked off its 60th anniversary jubilee. BOE Regional Outreach Services Manager Peter L. Kim presented a certificate of appreciation to Mayor Brian Donahue to recognize Stanton for its 60 years of growth and prosperity while providing Stanton ……Read More

Harkey Hosts Free Tax Workshop for New, Small Businesses in Fullerton

Posted 01/13/16

Board of Equalization (BOE) 4th District Member Diane L. Harkey hosted a free "Sales & Use Tax" workshop to help new and small business owners understand California’s tax system.……Read More

Board Member Harkey Issues Response on State Budget

Posted 01/01/16

Sacramento – Board of Equalization Member Diane Harkey released the following statement regarding Governor Brown's budget proposal:

"I'm pleased to see the Governor's budget plans for a recession……Read More

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