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An important part of your career development is preparing an effective resume. Your resume should reflect you, your experience, and your interests. Remember, you have about 20 to 30 seconds to get the attention of the prospective interviewer, so whatever you prepare must grab the attention of the reader. Your resume can make the difference between getting an interview or a rejection letter.

While there are no set rules regarding format or style, the following guidelines will assist you in preparing an effective resume:

Decide how you want to present the information.


Functional resumes group all your training, experience, skills, and abilities into separate areas of competence. This type of resume will focus attention on the functions or jobs you can perform and the areas where you have special skills or training. These resumes can also be tailored to emphasize the skills and experience you have that match those required by the position you're applying for.


Chronological resumes of work experience are most useful for detailing long, uninterrupted periods of employment. They usually present work experience and education beginning with your present job and listing prior experience in reverse date order (ten years back is usually enough). Under your work history, list the name and address of each employer, the title of your job, and the duties you performed. Your educational background should also list most recent educational achievements and include the name and address of the school(s) you attended, degree(s) received, and/or units completed. If you have taken special software or other technical or job-related classes, list those here too.
If you have worked for more than one state agency or department, list each job separately and explain the duties you performed. Although your classification may have been the same, your duties in each job may have differed significantly. A description of the varied duties performed will give your potential employer a broader understanding of your abilities and skills.

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