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Classification specifications are useful in planning your career development. These documents identify the general duties and responsibilities of a classification, provide examples of the work performed, and offer a breakdown of the classification's minimum education and experience requirements. Specifications describe either a single class or a series of several classes. Below is a brief description of the information contained in classification specifications and some comments that may help you use them. Although format may vary from one specification to another, the following information appears in all specifications:

Class Title
This is the official civil service title that should be used when referring to a particular classification. If there is a series of civil service classes in a specification, a general title is used to identify the series, and individual class titles are listed in the body of the specification.

Typical Tasks
This section provides a description of the general duties and responsibilities of the class and examples of the typical work performed. Comparing this information to your own skills and interests will help you decide if the class is right for you.

Minimum Qualifications
This section of the job specs lists minimum qualifications (MQs) such as education or experience needed and information on specific license, credential, or other requirements.
The MQs for some classes list acceptable substitutions for required experience or education. For example, state experience may sometimes be substituted for required college education.

If you have questions or problems interpreting the minimum qualifications of a class, please contact the Board's Examination Section.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
This information itemizes the skills and special knowledge needed for successful job performance. Since the areas tested in a written or oral examination are derived from the knowledge and abilities listed for a class, this section of the class specs is critical and is an excellent resource in preparing for an examination. Always review this section of the specification before testing.

Sources of Specifications
You can obtain class specs for all Board positions in the Personnel Management Division's Classification Section and for all state jobs on the SPB website. If you have e-mail, you can set it up so SPB automatically notifies you of specification information it posts.

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