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The State Board of Equalization administers 25 different tax programs which include: sales and use taxes; excise taxes on tobacco and alcohol products; fuel taxes; environmental fees; and property taxes. The Board is committed to providing quality services, products, and information to the public and to administering tax laws fairly and uniformly. To effectively carry out that commitment, the Board employs well-qualified individuals in a variety of professional positions, including: accountants, appraisers, programmers, analysts, business taxes representatives, and tax auditors. See below for information regarding these various positions.


The positions listed below are filled through a state civil service examination process. Examinations for these positions can be given at various times during the year. Open examinations for the Assistant/Associate Property Appraiser, Assistant/Associate Property Auditor Appraiser, Business Taxes Representative, Tax Auditor, and Tax Counsel positions are now administered electronically over the Internet. Many of the examinations require completion of specific college coursework and/or a college degree (or equivalent). Additional qualifications may be required, depending on the position.

If you had already taken the examination and obtained the list eligibility, visit the Board's Vacancy Information.

Source of Information

Information about the requirements for participating in the examination process, as well as Internet examination information and the dates and time of particular examinations, is available from the California Department of Human Resources Home Page.


As an Accountant with the State Board of Equalization, you will perform professional accounting work; maintain accounts and records; and learn agency activities and department systems.


As an Analyst you may work in a wide variety of consultative and analytical assignments, including evaluating and planning programs, preparing budgets, training staff members, monitoring performance, analyzing personnel actions, or performing technical research and statistical work.


As an Appraiser you may collect and analyze data; investigate, study, and appraise real and personal property; value public utilities; review construction characteristics; assemble and analyze sales and income data; and assist in making economic and cost studies of taxable properties.

Assistant/Associate Property Appraiser and Assistant/Associate Property Auditor Appraiser

As a Property Appraiser or a Property Auditor Appraiser with the State Board of Equalization, you will work with a group of dedicated professionals in a variety of assignments related to the assessment of property for property tax purposes. Typical tasks include appraising all types of property, developing statewide policies relating to the appraisal and assessment of property, evaluating county assessor's compliance with property tax laws and recommended procedures, conducting appraisal training classes, and providing technical advice to assessors and taxpayers. Property Auditor Appraisers also perform audits of taxpayers' property records. As an Assistant, you will work under direct supervision while you learn and conduct the less difficult tasks. As an Associate, you will be at the journey level and work under general supervision while you independently conduct the more difficult and complex tasks. You will play an important role by appraising property for property tax assessment purposes, providing consultation and technical assistance to county assessors' staffs and taxpayers, developing policies and procedures to promote uniformity of county assessment practices, evaluating county assessment policies and procedures, and training county assessors' staff.

Click here to review the Examination Bulletin for the

Assistant/Associate Property Appraiser

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Assistant/Associate Property Auditor Appraiser

Business Taxes Representative

As a Business Taxes Representative with the State Board of Equalization, you will be a vital member of an organization known throughout the country as a leader in the administration of tax programs. You will collect delinquent taxes and fees and enforce the tax laws and regulations. In addition, you will help taxpayers to understand their rights and responsibilities concerning the sales and use tax laws. Click here to review the Examination Bulletin for the Business Taxes Representative.


As a Programmer you may perform systems analysis or systems programming (software) work; develop computer application programs; or help plan and develop programs to be processed by electronic data processing equipment.

Tax Auditor

As a Tax Auditor for the State Board of Equalization, you will work with people who are recognized leaders in the administration of tax programs. Your auditing assignments may range from small stores to multimillion dollar corporations. You will have the chance to help individual proprietors as well as corporate executives understand and comply with tax laws. Click here to review the Examination Bulletin for the Tax Auditor.

Tax Counsel (Select the Staff Counsel online exam)

As a Tax Counsel with the State Board of Equalization, you will represent one of the largest revenue agencies in the country on a variety of subjects, including legislation, regulations, litigation, administrative tax appeals, settlements, offers in compromise, criminal tax evasion and fraud matters, bankruptcy, tax controversy, and personnel matters.  Click here to review the Examination Bulletin for the Tax Counsel.

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