Direct Transmit Program – Test Scenarios

Before you are certified to be a Direct Transmitter, you must successfully transmit test return data. The BOE has created test scenarios that must be transmitted successfully before transmitting return data, schedules, reports, and/or payments on an actual basis. Once you have updated your software or website and have passed development testing, you must contact the eServices Coordinator for system testing information and provide the level of certification you are trying to obtain. For more information about levels of certification, download the Direct Transmitter's Guide. Based upon the level of certification, you will be provided a test account number for the first test scenario and once you have successfully transmitted the return, you will receive the account number for the next test scenario and so forth. After you have successfully transmitted the applicable test scenarios, you will be certified to transmit return data on an actual basis.

For account information, please contact the eServices Coordinator at (916) 323-6353, 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday or by email at

Sales and Use Tax

Other Taxes and Fees

Currently, Direct Transmit is not available for other tax programs and fees administered by the BOE.